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Friday, June 12, 2015

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin


June 13, 2015

26 Sivan 5775

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Mincha7:00 PM
8:13 PM
Candles8:08 PM
Shacharit8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Coffee & Commentary8:45 AM
Latest Shema9:08 AM
Teen Minyan9:30 AM
Mishnah Hot Cocoa10:15 AM
Latest Shacharit10:23 AM
Tot Shabbat10:30 AM
Mini Minyan10:30 AM
Jr Cong/BMC10:30 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Daf Yomi7:00 PM
Code Of Jewish Law7:00 PM
Mincha7:45 PM
Maariv9:04 PM
Shabbat Ends9:09 PM

Shabbat Shalom

Are we agents for G-d? Are we on a mission?

In this week's Torah portion of Shelach, twelve leaders of Israel are sent on a mission to survey the land of Israel. The dramatic story offers numerous lessons on faith, truth, speech, and leadership. The Jewish people were three days away from entering Israel. However, rather than seize this moment, they missed a once in a generation opportunity. The spies and many of the Jews failed in their sacred mission. They failed to build on their past and forge a bridge into the future. 

We are all on such a mission. My father shared with me the words of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein upon his receipt of an honor in 1986 at the Yeshiva University Rabbinic Alumni Convention. 

His insights resonate deeply particularly as we wish farewell to Rabbi Shakked and Chemda Parhi and their family.  We are eternally grateful for their impact on our shul, school and community. They truly embody the dual nature of shlichut articulated by Rabbi Lichtenstein. 

Rabbi Lichtenstein said, "We should have a sense of ourselves as messengers. A person needs to invest himself with a sense of being a messenger. I see myself as a survivor. I am the only surviving grandson of a paternal grandfather who had eleven children. Today I see myself as a shaliach l'kabalah, a receiver of past messages. I accept this award on behalf of my parents, my rabbeim -Rav Hutner, Rav Shatkes, the Rav, RavAharon Soloveitchik - on behalf of my wife, my children, my friends and students, all who provide the infrastructure so that I can devote myself to Torah. "What is mine is yours."

I am also a shaliach l'holacha, a messenger going forward. This honor is a mantle and a mandate to transmit, to transfer, to hand over in an immediate sense to my children, boys and girls, to my non-biological children as well, my talmidim, to receive and to transmit, which is the essence of Torah. I want to impart what I have absorbed from my home, my teachers, to others.  I want to give students a sense of how meaningful it is to learn an hour of Torah, to do an act of chesed. I live within time, but I also live within eternity. Each act has ultimate significance beyond the here and now." 

We wish the Parhis' much hatzlacha on the continued realization of their life mission to elevate and enrich the Jewish people. May we all be inspired by them to embrace our missions as well. G-d willing, we will all see them again very soon in Israel.

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Fairway Update from Rabbi Cohen

The Kosher Butcher at Fairway is in the process of opening and starting cutting fresh meat. Thank you for your patience and feedback. The mashgiach is Moshe Heisler. Moshe can be reached for orders by calling the store and asking for the kosher meat department. Fairway will be using Teva meat and likely prepackaged Shor Habor meat at a lower price point. (203-388-1292) As of now, the butcher will be open on Sunday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday although the situation is fluid. Your ongoing feedback is important. I am in direct contact with the meat VP at Fairway and am passing along your feedback.Please do your utmost to support Fairway and of course all of our kosher establishments. Fairway is committed to the success of the kosher meat department but it is up to all of us to support them and G-d willing create a long term win win for our community. If you have questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Weekday Schedule
Candles Next Friday8:11 PM
Daf YomiSunday 7:45 am, Monday-Friday 7:00 am
ShacharitSunday: 7:15 AM/8:30 AM, Monday-Tuesday: 6:30 AM/7:30 AM, Wednesday-Thursday: 6:20 AM/7:30 AM, Friday: 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaSunday-Thursday: 8:15 PM
WednesdayRosh Chodesh Tamuz
ThursdayRosh Chodesh Tamuz
Mazal Tov
  • to Shirley and Bill Sklar on the Bat Mitzvah of their Granddaughter Cate Isabelle Leibowits, daughter of Susan and David Leibowits on Saturday June 13 at Temple Sholom in Greenwich
  • to Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger on his appointment as Associate Principal at BCDS
  • to Rabbi and Rivka Walk, Debbie Walk and Ya'akov Walk on the engagement of Yishai Walk to Shayna Liba Brainen, daughter of Gail and Norman Brainen, originally of Flatbush, New York, now of Ashkelon, Israel
  • to Shane & Jodi Hadge and Sharyn & Fred Baer on the B'Not Mitzvah of Alexandra and Danielle
  • to Bi-Cultural Day School, BCDS Director of Judaic Studies Michal Smart and teacher/administrator Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger, on their new Masora Program in Judaic Studies winning the Mayberg Family Foundation's 2015 Jewish Education Innovation Challenge
  • to Meryl & Larry Meiteles on the engagement of their son Elliot to Alana Chill
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Shabbat Shalom Hospital PackagesSharyn & Fred Baer with a Mazal Tov to Alexandra and Danielle Hadge on the occasion of their B'Not Mitzvah and the Linda Beson Nursing Education Fund
Chapel KiddushIn honor of the occasion of Alexandra and Danielle Hadge's B'Not Mitzvah
Teen Minyan KiddushMarguerite & Ken Neuhaus in honor of the anniversary of Remy and Tani's B'nai Mitzvah
Sanctuary KiddushCAS
Seudat ShlishitCAS, BCDS, Carmel and friends in honor of Chemda & Rabbi Shakked Parhi
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Shacharit/MusafCantor Rafael Bokow
SermonRabbi Daniel Cohen: Interactive Torah
ShiurRabbi Tzvi Bernstein: The Tunneler- Self Defense in Jewish Law
Daf YomiDavid Bessaleli
Code of Jewish LawCantor Rafael Bokow
Torah ReadersMark Wagshul
Important Announcement

Thanks, Rad!

We received this letter that our friend and Maintenance Director, Rad Vazquez, has decided to retire. Rad has been a vital member of the CAS staff for 14 years, and we will miss his daily presence. We are grateful to Rad for all his work, his care for our buildings, and the relationship he has built with many congregants over the years. More to come on a thank-you celebration for Rad.

Radames (Rad) Vazquez 
50 Walter Lane
Stamford, CT 06902
May 29, 2015

Congregation Agudath Sholom
301 Strawberry Hill Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Radames Vazquez, have spent the last fourteen years working for this magnificent synagogue. I'm writing to inform you that after all these years with Congregation Agudath Sholom and at my age of sixty six, I am planning to retire. My last day of employment with Congregation Agudath Sholom will be June 30, 2015.

I want to thank you for all the outstanding love and support you have given me throughout our years together. Although it is not easy to leave, please know that you will always have a place in my heart. I feel that I am ready to move on with the next chapter of my life.

Again, thank you for all our years together and I hope that we will remain in contact with each other.

Many thanks for everything.


Radames Vazquez

By appointment: Call Julie at (203)-321-6460
Looking for Volunteers!
Contact Julie if you'd like to work in the shop.

Sign Up For These Events

Click on one of these upcoming events!

Womens Tefillah Group

Womens Tefillah Group

Please join us! for Parshat Korach
as we celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Amelia Chapman
daughter of Corinne Chapman-Needle

Awards June 20  Saturday, June 20 - 4:30 PM

Awards June 20

KIDS: please join your favorite group leaders for afternoon groups!!!
ADULTS: Time to "schmooze" and socialize with your friends enjoying some "down time" while your kids are in groups!
EVERYONE: Join together for a Seudah Shlishit Dinner, highlighted by a special presentation to Devorah and a gift awarded to every child!!!
Although most groups will be continuing throughout the summer, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize our leaders and children at this special event - please join us!

Annual Meeting  Tuesday, June 23 - 7:30 PM

Annual Meeting

Please join us for our annual meeting and election of officers
Full agenda, important letter, voting instructions, proposed bylaws amendment and proxy forms are on-line at or by mail upon request to the synagogue office. 

Family Trip to Israel

Family Trip to Israel

Join Rabbi Daniel and Diane Cohen for a
Family Summer Mission to Israel in August 2015
Explore the breadth and depth of the land. Great for first timers or veterans. The trip is uniquely tailored for adults with their children and grandchildren filled with history coming alive and a fostering a love of the natural beauty of our homeland.
For more information, contact Rabbi Cohen at or 203-252-8252.

Summer Flick Series with Rabbi Walk  Tuesday, June 30 - 7:30 PM

Summer Flick Series with Rabbi Walk

The CAS Men's Club will again sponsor a BBQ for the first movie night, 6/30 - a very good, barely-released film called Singing in the Dark, starring Cantor Moshe Oysher. The Men's Club BBQ costs $7 and will include hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh corn, salads, watermelon and beverages. The BBQ will starts at 6:30 pm. The movie is free and begins at 7:30 pm.

Singing in the Dark
"This important and virtually unknown independent film is one of the very first American feature films to focus on the Holocaust. A concentration camp survivor (Moishe Oysher) emigrates to the United States and suffers amnesia due to the traumatic experiences he has endured." 

AIPAC Meeting  Wednesday, July 8 - 8:00 PM

AIPAC Meeting

Jonathan Harris, AIPAC Assistant Director for Policy and Government Affairs

For the past six years, Jonathan Calt Harris has served as AIPAC's senior policy analyst on Syria and Lebanon and for the past four years has covered Egypt and Jordan as well, with a special interest in Salafi-jihadist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

As an Assistant Director of Policy and Government Affairs at AIPAC's Washington headquarters, Jonathan is tasked with developing new policy initiatives and original analyses, and speaking throughout the country on these issues.

Dessert Reception 8 PM and Program 8:30 PM

RSVP to Alli Pilcowitz at 917-210-6328 or

CAS Announcements
  • JOIN IN A FESTIVE SEUDAH SHLISHIT TO HONOR RABBI SHAKKED AND CHEMDA PARHI, SHABBOS JUNE 13TH AT 7:30 PM. We would like to invite the entire community to participate in a festive Seudah Shlishit in honor of Rabbi Shakked and Chemda Parhi, who have devoted the past four years to educating our children, preparing them for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, leading youth groups, developing special Shul programming and enriching our community. As a token of our esteem and appreciation, we are presenting them with a parting gift as we wish them Hatzlacha on their return to Israel. If you would like your name added to the list, please contact Hecky Attar at 203-253-7075 or and you will be included on the group card.
  • CAS SUMMER MOVIES/MENS CLUB BBQ The CAS Men's Club will again sponsor a BBQ for the first movie night, 6/30 - a very good, barely-released film called Singing in the Dark, starring Cantor Moshe Oysher. The Men's Club BBQ costs $7 and will include hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh corn, salads, watermelon and beverages. The BBQ will starts at 6:30 pm, open to everyone (men & women). The movie is free and begins at 7:30 pm.
  • COME JOIN THE AGUDATH YOUNG COUPLES COMMITTEE FOR TWO GREAT EVENTS THIS SUMMER: 1. Do you like jazz? Come out for a night of free jazz music on Wednesday, July 29 in Columbus Park in Stamford. The music of the Commodors and the Parlour Tricks is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm, so bring a blanket or chair and a picnic and join us on the lawn for a night of great music and friends. RSVP is recommended so that we can sit and enjoy the evening together. RSVP to For additional information about the event, go to 2. Come join us for a Shabbat Oneg in the Shabbat Park on Shabbat, August 22 at 4:30 PM. Bring your friends and families and a parve snack, and join us in the park to get together for the afternoon. If it rains, the Oneg will be postponed to another Shabbat. Please email Laura Tobin if you have any questions at
  • CAS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH AIPAC INVITES YOU TO A CONVERSATION WITH AIPAC ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR POLICY AND GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS, JONATHAN HARRIS. Wednesday, July 8 (8:00 pm dessert reception & 8:30 pm program). RSVP to Alli Pilcowitz at 917-210-6328 or About Jonathan Harris:For the past six years, Jonathan Calt Harris has served as AIPAC's senior policy analyst on Syria and Lebanon and for the past four years has covered Egypt and Jordan as well, with a special interest in Salafi-jihadist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. As an Assistant Director of Policy and Government Affairs at AIPAC's Washington headquarters, Jonathan is tasked with developing new policy initiatives and original analyses, and speaking throughout the country on these issues. After receiving his B.A. in History from the University of Illinois, Jonathan studied Religion and Middle East History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING We need you to help secure our Synagogue. As you come to the building, please be aware of your surroundings. If you see something out of the ordinary, please let someone know about it. This will keep everyone safe.
  • DO YOU HAVE A DEHUMIDIFIER YOU CAN DONATE? We could use one, please contact Matt at
  • WELCOME TO OUR SYNAGOGUE PROGRAM Every Shabbat we station ushers at the doors in the sanctuary to welcome people, assist them and enhance the service. We are expanding the usher roles to include a greeter in the lobby from 9-10:30 am. Please join the usher team. We need you and your smile. Info: Mitchell Bell.
  • CAS FREE MEZUZAH CAMPAIGN IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT Bringing Blessings to Jewish Homes. Do you know a neighbor or a friend who lacks a mezuzah? CAS offers a free mezuzah and home visit to post this sacred scroll at the entrance to all Jewish homes in the area. For more info, contact Rabbi Cohen:
  • COMMUNITY CHESED HELPERS An important role of the Chesed committee is outreach to the Shul's elderly and homebound, who are often isolated and lack a lifeline to our synagogue. Volunteer to reach out and identify needs, visit, or give a ride. Even small gestures mean a great deal Interested? Vivian Weiss at 203-323-0909 or If you are aware of elderly or homebound members in need of outreach, please notify Rabbi Cohen.
  • NEW TO STAMFORD AND INTERESTED IN MEMBERSHIP? Contact Jessie Brand ( or Rabbi Daniel Cohen.
  • WE WANT YOU FOR BINGO! Players needed. Join in on the fun we have every week at 6:00 PM -
Annual Meeting Notice


Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 7:30 PM 301 Strawberry Hill Avenue Stamford, CT 06902

Please join us for our annual meeting and election of officers


  1. Reports by Rabbi, President, Treasurer
  2. Proposal for Dues and Fee Increase
  3. Presentation of the George and Ziporah Freedberg Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Service
  4. Proposed Bylaws amendment on Board voting procedures
  5. CAS Security Proposal
  6. Election of Officers & Directors

The CAS Nominating Committee has recommended members elect this slate of officers and directors for terms starting upon election


Two year term:2nd Vice President:
Jeffrey Maron
3rd Vice President:
Simeon Wohlberg
Rachel Dayan
Assistant Treasurer:
Dean Schuckman


One year TermHoward Goldstein
Two Year TermRichard Schwartz
Three Year TermHeidi BernsteinRob Hoff
Mitchell BalsamElissa Klapper
Melissa BildnerBen Lanson

Additional nominations, with the consent of the nominee, may be made by written petition signed by thirty (30) members of the Congregation in good standing and filed with the Nominating Committee at least ten (10) days before the Annual Meeting, and written notice of the nominations so made by petition shall be given to each member of the Congregation at least five (5) days before the Annual Meeting.

We propose a dues increase effective July 1, raising family membership by $200 and single membership from $50-80, depending on category. We also propose a new category of Patron Membership at $2,750 per family, detailed below. The Board approved this dues increase due to: increasing repair costs for our aging building, higher health care costs, offset the $100,000+ accumulated deficit from prior years, anticipated lower revenue during building re-construction, and increased Youth programming costs. CAS has not increased dues in almost ten years, while costs have increased. Your Board has worked to prudently manage CAS finances.

We will offer reserved seating in all three services this year, based on last year's interest in a third service. The CAS Board approved a new policy for 2015 (not subject to membership vote) . A full policy is posted on line at
  • We have replaced our Tzedakah Program with the Patron Membership category to signify these members' extra support for our synagogue. Patron Members will be entitled to reserved seating on the High Holidays and membership will be acknowledged. Patron membership will be $2,750 per member family.
  • We will offer two seating charts, one for Rosh Hashanah and one for Yom Kippur. We will ask members if they require their seat for either or both holidays. This will allow us to accommodate all seating requests.
  • To ensure continued interest in the third service and to allow us to accommodate all requests, we ask at least 15 member families to confirm their interest in becoming Patron members or reserving seats for this service by July 15. The third service will be held in a special room to be constructed once interest has been confirmed. The third service will begin at 6 AM on Rosh Hashanah and 9 AM on Yom Kippur.
  • We ask members attend one of our three services to help us ensure we meet all member requests. We ask member NOT reserve seats in one service but attend another. We hope to have adequate open seats in each service.
  • Members will receive an email notifying them of the 2015 High Holiday seating reservations. Members will be asked to confirm and pay for their Patron Membership or reserved seats by August 15. If their reserved seats are not confirmed and paid for by that date, the seats revert to CAS and will be reassigned.
 We propose to add paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 to Article II of the Bylaws, so that the Board can: (1) allow participation in meetings by conference calls, (2) use email to allow Board members to approve actions by unanimous consent, and (3) allow participation in meetings and votes by conference calls and emails, provided that a quorum participates in the conference calls/electronic meeting.

I. Implemented Security Measures The CAS Board of Directors has approved and implemented the following security measures: a key pad lock entry system to control building entry during the week; enhanced video surveillance; "panic buttons" to notify police of an emergency; and a Volunteer Patrol Program. Additionally, we have consulted with the Stamford Police Department and are meeting with the US Department of Homeland Security as part of our Security review.

II. Additional Proposed Security Measures This past February we held a Special Meeting open to the Congregation to discuss additional security measures. At such meeting, the Congregation was unable to reach the required consensus on a course of action, but approved revisiting the issue at our Annual Meeting. Accordingly, we request your vote on one of the following options: (1) A paid armed off-duty Stamford police officer on Shabbat and Holidays; (2) A paid unarmed guard on Shabbat and Holidays; or (3) None of the above.

Additionally, please note that since the Special Meeting, several members donated funds for a Stamford police officer to guard CAS on Shabbat and holidays. These funds will run out by June 30, 2015, accordingly, the police officer will only be extended in accordance with the outcome of the vote described above.

Click here for Full agenda, important letter, voting instructions, proposed bylaws amendment and proxy forms or request them by mail from the synagogue office.

CAS Classes
Week of June 14
SundayRabbi Walk: Bible from the Beginning - 9:15 AM
MondayRabbi Walk: Mishna Brura: Laws of Prayer - 7:30 PM
ThursdayRabbi Walk: Talmud Bavli - Masechet Megilla - 7:30 PM
FridayRabbi Cohen: The Pre-Shabbos Torah Taste - 8:15 AM
Community Announcements
  • COME WELCOME THE SUMMER AT SIX THIRTEEN Announcing An Unprecedented Promotion...Buy 1 Adult Entree, Get a Second at Half Price! We Love Our Customers, And We Know You'll Love This Deal - So Come Take Advantage Of This Exclusive Offer, And Come Often- As This Special Won't Last Forever. Please print this offer to take advantage of these great savings. Valid for up to 3 discounts per party, Dine-In Only (No Deliveries Or Takeout). Lowest priced items will be discounted. Offer Ends 6/19/15. You Can Also Enjoy Our New 4 Flight of Beers Special - For Just $12!
  • SOOSH What do you get when you combine best food EVER with the nicest customer service? SooshPlus Catering! The SooshPlus catering menu includes all your favorite dishes from the restaurant PLUS many more menu options. Wide range of services include white-gloved waitstaff with pass-around hors d'oeuvres, sushi or non-sushi buffets and elegant or casual dessert options. Call or email for a custom quote designed to wow your guests. 203-658-7505 or
  • HADASSAH FAMILY BACKYARD BBQ Kosher Hamburgers, Hotdogs & Fixins Wednesday, June 17, 6pm-8pm.Home of Elaine Finkelstein. Suzanne (Horn) Stone will talk about the Austin Federation Mission led by a Jewish woman out of Chicago. Topic: Survival and Growth of Jews in Cuba. Largely due to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) the Jews in Cuba have survived and are growing. Approximately ten years ago the JDC came to Cuba to revive the Jewish Community. The story of the JDC's Mission is heart warming and uplifting. It is again another example of our people's will and hope. $5 KIDs 10 and under (games organized by teens). $15 MEMBERS; $20 NON MEMBERS OR $36 New Member Special includes annual membership & BBQ! RSVP by June 12th including # adults & # kids or 203.829.9341
  • 2015 SIZZLING SUMMER SERIES IN STAMFORD Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University. Four-part Wednesday night series in July, 8PM. at the Young Isarel of Stamford. WHAT DOES JUDAISM HAVE TO SAY ABOUT...Saving the Life of a Non-Jew - July 8, Gender Roles - July 15, Abortion - July 22, Vigilante Justice - July 29. Free and open to the entire community
  • ANNOUNCING...The Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford (CAMOS) will be hosting its second annual Shabbaton for prospective residents on Shabbat weekend, August 22nd. If you know a family who is thinking of relocating to Stamford, and who may like to meet other like minded families in a relaxed informal setting, please contact Michael Feldstein at
  • CAS MENS CLUB WHITE WATER RAFTING TRIP WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY, JULY 12TH FROM APPROXIMATELY 6:30 AM - 8 PM. The price will be approximately $100 and will include the wonderful rafting experience and round trip coach bus transportation. Lunch is NOT included. If you are interested, please email by May 5th. Cancellation policy: Full refund if notified 2 1/2 weeks in advance.
  • CAN I WEAR MY KIPPAH ON JOB INTERVIEWS? CAREER GUIDANCE FOR SABBATH OBSERVANT JEWISH PROFESSIONALS. Presenter: Lavie Margolin, Co-author of "Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews?" June 30, 8pm at Young Israel of Stamford. Mincha at 7:45PM; ma'ariv following the program. Lavie will discuss the unique challenges faced by Sabbath observant Jewish professionals in remaining true to religious obligations on interviews and in the workplace. He will provide strategies for navigating through tricky situations, including insightful considerations that help to avoid awkward moments, and provide approaches that have been comfortable for others who share your values.
  • INTRODUCING THE BACK TO SCHOOL SHOP, a UJF program that provides economically disadvantaged elementary school children in Stamford with new clothes (pants, shirt, sneakers, socks, underwear, winter coat, hat, gloves) backpack and school supplies. Children get to pick out their own new items in a "shopping" environment created in a local school prior to the start of the new school year, while their parents visit the Japha Family Resource Center to receive basic health screenings and information about vital community services. The inaugural event is Sunday, August 9, 2015. To volunteer, please contact Lorraine Kweskin at For more information or to make a donation please visit
  • DO A MITZVAH! CONSIDER SUPPORTING THE JFS KOSHER FOOD PANTRY BY PURCHASING MITZVAH BASKETS AND/OR MITZVAH CENTERPIECES INSTEAD OF FLOWERS FOR YOUR NEXT SIMCHA AT CAS. DISTRIBUTIONS FROM THE JFS KOSHER FOOD PANTRY HAVE INCREASED BY MORE THAN 1000 since the recession. With this tremendous upsurge in use, JFS is constantly challenged to keep the food pantry full. Your generosity enables JFS to help those in our community in their greatest moments of need.
  • LINKING GENERATIONS OF THE SHOAH-Our 2nd Generation Group began in July 2012. We are a group of approximately fifty members ranging in age from 40 and up and we come from all over CT and Westchester County. Our monthly meetings take place in Westport, CT (usually at the UJA offices) every second Tuesday of the month. Spouses of 2G members as well as 3rd Generation often attend our general meetings. Please come and join us. For further contact information call: Ann Cohn at 203-762-0058 (home) or 203-984-6667 (cell).
We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Abraham ben Miriam Rachel
  • Alexander ben Genja
  • Ami ben Sara
  • Avraham Shmuel ben Sheyna
  • Avraham ben Sosna
  • Bela Devora bat Rachel
  • Chaim Avram ben Leah
  • Chaim Yechiel ben Malka
  • Chana Liba bat Yaakova
  • Chana bat Shulamit
  • Chaya Priva bat Leah
  • Chaya Sarah Tzipporah bat Esther
  • Chia Sorila Bat bat Fagey Devorah
  • David ben Chaya
  • David ben Zila
  • Dinah bat Esther
  • Eitan ben Sarah
  • Eliahu Aharon ben Yocheved Irta Etel
  • Esther Rachel Bat Chava bat Chava
  • Esther Shoshanna bat Yetta Chaya
  • Hadassah Esther bat Chava Leah
  • Harav Chaim Yehoshua ben Chana Fruma
  • Hennia bat Musah
  • Leah bat Bayla
  • Lee bat Rachel
  • Lior Tzionah bat Sarah
  • Maya bat Shoshy
  • Miriam bat Sarah
  • Mordechai ben Tziyonah
  • Moshe Baruch ben Chaya Sara
  • Moshe Elyah ben Chana
  • Moshe ben Batya
  • Moshe ben Ben Marcelle
  • Nira bat Rachel
  • Rachel Miril Hinda bat Miriam Rivkah
  • Rafaella bat Miriam
  • Rayna bat Necha
  • Refael Ephraim ben Sima
  • Ruth Leah bat Zahava
  • Sarah Rivka bat Channah Rachel
  • Sarah bat Etta Ziesel
  • Shimon ben Geeta
  • Shmuel Yeruchim ben Beyla
  • Shoshanna Raizel bat Sarah Chanah Leah
  • Smadar Rut bat Chana
  • Tziporah bat Minna
  • Ya'acov Ari ben Nitzah
  • Yehoshua Ylitzhak ben Tziyona
  • Yitzchack Mordachai ben Chaya.
  • Yochanan ben Alisa
  • Yosef Fishel ben Miriam Zlata
  • Zahava bat Chaya Sara
  • Ze'ev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel
CAS Youth

Thank You/ Hakarat Hatov/ Welcome Corner

  • Thank you to Avi Sebbag for joining us these past few weeks for Teen Minyan and for taking on new initiatives to improve our program.
  • Thank you to the Neuhaus family for sponsoring Teen Kiddush in honor of Remy and Tani's Bar Mitzvah anniversary!
  • Thank you to the Kanefsky family for bringing in birthday treats in honor of Michal & Tzippy's birthday celebration!
  • Thank you to the Tratt family for bringing in birthday treats in honor of Maya's birthday celebration!

This Weekend:

Friday, June 12th 4 -5:30 pm- Tot Kabbalat Shabbat (for Tot Shabbat and Mini Minyaners - Age 1-first grade) Sign up and sponsor online!

-Mishna and Hot Cocoa this Shabbat with Rabbi Jeiger - continuing Chapter 8 of Berachot at 10:15.

-Tot Shabbat will be led by Morahs Irene, Danielle & Simone in the Youth Classroom at 10:30 am.

-Mini Minyanwill be led by Morahs Debbie. Rivka & Tamar this week in the library at 10:30 am.

-Jr. Cong. will be led by Josh, Nicole and Carly this week in the Chapel at 10:30 am.

-Bnai Mitzvah Club will be led by R. Jeiger this week in the Simcha Room at 10:30 am.

- Teen Minyan at 9:30 in the Social hall with Daniella and Avi!

Coming Soon in June:

Shabbat June 20th - Youth Awards Shabbat Seudah Shlishithonoring our Leader of the Year - Devorah Meyers - please sponsor online! All children in attendance will get a special gift.

If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" or a Mishna and Hot Cocoa in their honor, please email me

If you would like to help support the Youth Department, please visit for all of our sponsorship opportunities.

Shabbat Shalom! Rabbi Jeiger

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