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Friday, May 31, 2013

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT  (203) 358-2200  

Mikvah 203-964-1928 /  Eruv 203-324-3955

June 1, 2013Sh'lach

 23 Sivan  5773 

Shabbat Schedule









Coffee & Commentary


Future Tots/Tot Shabbat
Mini Minyan/Jr. Cong/BMC
Teen Minyan at Young Israel
Code of Jewish Law
Daf Yomi
Shabbat Ends

CAS Quick Links

Rabbi Cohen's podcasts are now indexed. Just click a "series link" under a podcast - and you will retrieve all the podcast for that series.

Rabbis'  Office Hours

Rabbi Daniel Cohen this week 

Thursday: 8:30-9:30 am  Starbucks

1079 High Ridge Road 

 Friday: 9:45-10:30 am

Rabbi David Walk

Monday:      8:15-9:00 pm

Thursday:     6:45-7:30 pm

Weeds do not wait.... This Sunday, join Meredith Cohen, Jim Benjamin and the Chesed Committee at 11:15 to offer a hand for our "Harvest Now Garden" to benefit the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank to provide fresh produce for those in need.
Or ... Join the Israel Day Parade in NYC from 11-4. The urgency of the moment underscores a seminal idea in the parsha of Sh'lach. The generation in the desert missed the opportunity to inherit Israel. Once the decree was established to delay the journey, the defiance of a small group (the Ma'apilim) who were ready to ascend were turned back by enemies. It was too late. They missed the chance. We are faced with spiritual opportunities every day. Seize the mitzvah moment.
Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Daniel Cohen
If you have not yet filled out the surveys on our  three cantorial applicants, please click here 

Join us at the

this Sunday, June 2, from 11 - 4 in New York

Then join the CAS Trip to Israel
November 3 - 13, 2013

with Rabbi and Diane Cohen  

Perfect for first-timers and veterans,this trip will span the breadth of Israel both ancient and modern: visiting new discoveries, learning, and participating in social action opportunities to deepen and enrich your experience with Torah and the land and people of Israel


Click here to view the CAS Israel Tour Connection website 

Click here to let Rabbi Cohen know of your interest


This trip is open to the entire community.

 This Tuesday, June 4 at 8:00 
Dessert Reception and Lecture with
Rabbi Dr. Meir Y. Soloveichik
of Yeshiva University and Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
The Founding Fathers at the Chupah:
The Origin of Marriage in America as Well as in the Torah
$36 per person | New! only $18 for HS seniors & college students
Proceeds to benefit the Minnie Manger-Marcia Lieberman Mikvah
Please sign up 
(There will be an early mincha at 7:40 preceding the event, with a maariv service to follow)
Sylvia's Gift Shop will be open from 7:15-8 pm 

4th, 5th and 6th Grade Parents and Children

Ice Cream Sundae Bar & Bat Mitzvah Orientation

This Thursday, June 6, 7-8 pm  

We will discuss:
  • A time line beginning three years before your child's B'nai Mitzvah 
  • Tutoring opportunities
  • Types of ceremonies
  • Use of facilities
  • B'nai Mitzvah projects
  • Fees, and much more

 Have your questions answered and meet other families!

 Please bring your bar/bat mitzvah child with you.

Click here to sign up for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ice cream info session  

Mazal Tov to:

  • Liat & Benji Karsch on Eitan's Bar Mitzvah

  • Rachel & Sam Maryles on the birth of a baby girl
  • Liz & Maury Rosenbaum on Avi's engagement to Staci Chazan 

Condolences to:

  • Avram Freedberg, Eve Nachman, Daniel Freedberg, Eli Freedberg and the entire Freedberg and Nachman families on the death of their beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother Ziporah Freedberg
  • Gideon Pell, on the death of his beloved father David Pell

Welcome to:

  • Rabbi Jonathan Kroll, Associate Principal and Head of Judaic Studies at SAR High School, and his wife, Jennifer
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Torah Reader
Eitan Karsch, Remy Neuhaus, Tany Neuhaus

Eitan Karsch

Sermon                                                                       Endurance

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Bar Mitzvah Speech

Eitan Karsch

Coffee & Commentary
Rabbi David Walk
Code of Jewish Law
Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger
Seudat Shlishit                                             
                                             New England NCSY
Thanks to this Week's Sponsors...
Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages

  the Linda Beson Nursing Educational Fund 

Chapel Kiddush
Marguerite & Ken Neuhas in honor of the anniversary of Tany & Remy's Bar Mitzvah
Sanctuary Kiddush
Liat & Benjy Karsch in honor of Eitan's Bar Mitzvah
Seudat Shlishit
the shul
Weekday Schedule

Daf Yomi

Sunday 7:45 am, Monday-Friday 7:00 am 


Sunday 7:15/8:30 am, Monday-Friday 6:30/7:30 am

Weekday Mincha
Early mincha Tuesday 7:40 preceding Mikvah Event, Sunday-Thursday 8:15 pm

Candles Next Friday

8:05 pm
Rabbi Cohen's Classes This Week
Friday Taste of Torah
 8:15 am

Rabbi Walk's Classes This Week

Monday: Weekly Parsha at BCDS

12:10 pm

Thursday Talmud, Megilla

(1 hr before mincha) 7:15 pm

CAS Chesed Announcement

After a long awaited start, Agudath Sholom has finally launched our "Harvest Now Garden" to benefit the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank to provide fresh produce for those in need. The fence is up, the compost and top soil are down, and the veggies are just planted and already thriving. A very big thank you is due  Jim Benjamin who, with his hard work and passion, helped get this garden off the ground. A thank you is also due Joel Zaritzsky of J&D Fencing who generously donated his time to build the garden fence. 


We are far from done so now we are ready to reach out to the community to see who wants to get involved in this beautiful mitzvah. We will be working on the garden this Sunday morning, June 2nd at 11:15 am for a couple of hours and need your help with planting some additional seeds, weeding, shoveling foot paths, etc. If you are interested in helping, please come dressed appropriately with your own gardening gloves, hand trowels, shovels, and ready to do some gardening! We are also looking for some donations of supplies for the garden. If you want to purchase new or donate any of your used items, please let me know so I can track what we will have versus what we will need. Below is the list of needed supplies:


Mulch - can be used grass clippings from your yard, hay, or proper gardening mulch 
5 Large Tomato Cages or 5 garden stakes (6 feet high) 
Organic Fertilizer 
2-3 Large Cartons of Epsom Salts 
Twine or String 


If you know of others who would be interested in getting involved in the garden project, please feel free to forward along this email. Looking forward to working with you and hoping to see some of you this Sunday!
All the best, 
Congregation Agudath Sholom Chesed Committee

CAS Announcements

The Women's Tefilla Group invites 
all girls and women to join
in celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of Sydney Steinberg
Shabbat, June 8
Parshat Korach
Tefilla begins at 9 am in the Social Hall 

CAS Men's Club 
Breakfast Planning Meeting, next Sunday, June 9, 9:30 am
$1 includes bagels, lox & cream cheese 
We'd like to plan some upcoming events and ideas are welcome!

Sisterhood Women's Night Out Honoring Judith Altmann 
Wednesday, June 12, from 7-9 pm
Cocktails, Savory Nosh and Delectable Dairy Dessert 

This weekend....


Mazal Tov to Eitan Karsch on his Bar Mitzvah

Mazal Tov
to Tany and Remy Neuhaus on leining their Bar Mitzvah parsha

Mazal Tov to Rachel & Sam Maryles on the birth of a baby girl! 


Teen Minyan at the Young Israel as part of the NCSY Roadshow.. 
please visit for more info. on this action packed teen weekend experience. 8th Graders welcome!


At Jr. Cong. come and hear Avi Gordon read from the Torah!!  If you would like to read from the Torah or deliver a D'var Torah please speak to Josh or Rabbi Jeiger.


Chesed Opportunity...
We will be working on the Chesed garden this Sunday morning, June 2nd at 11:15 am for a couple of hours and need your help with planting some additional seeds, weeding, shoveling foot paths, etc. If you are interested in helping, please come dressed appropriately with your own gardening gloves, hand trowels, shovels, and ready to do some gardening! We are also looking for some donations of supplies for the garden.  
If you want to purchase new or donate any of your used items please let us know.

Coming Soon- A Jam-Packed June:


June 6- B'nai Mitzvah Ice Cream Sundae Orientation!!    Sign up here

June 9- Jr. Cong. year end BBQ BASH at the Sperber's home- more details to follow shortly.

June 22- Year end AWARDS AFTERNOON program - 4:15-6:00 featuring:

o   Afternoon Groups with your favorite leaders

o   Adult Lecture: Our very own Kate Cik, Psy.D. Child Psychologist-"Emotion     Regulation: Helping kids to develop control over their feelings and improve frustration tolerance - no more meltdowns"

o   Light dinner for all

o   Youth Awards      Sign up here


If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" in their honor, please email me at 

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Jeiger

We wish the following people a Refuah Sheleima. Please have them in your prayers: 
If you would like to add a name for this month, click here

Pinchas ben Leeba, Zahava bat Chaya Sara, Boruch ben Polina, Natalie Chana Chaya bat Aviva, Rivka bat Rose,

Chaim Yisroel ben Gittel Malka, Yocheved Chana bat Leah OsneZechariya Eliyahu ben Ayelet Naomi, Meyer Leib ben Shayna Reisel, Shemuel Simcah ben Channah, Zev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel, Refael Ephraim ben Sima,Michal Fraida Chava bat Yita Shandel

At her parents request, please recite psalm 47 for Marlene Gatz, a BCDS mother battling cancer. The text is here.

Community Announcements
HAND IN HAND-(Yad B'Yad) a division of the JCC's O-la-mi camp, offers a unique summer program for rising 3rd-6th graders with communication-spectrum disorders, including: high-functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and individuals with sensory motor integration challenges. The mission of this (two sessions) three-week program is to improve each child's ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with peers, and to build a solid foundation for making and keeping friends within a relaxed, fun, and creative environment.Scholarship assistance available. Click here for more info or contact Dinushka De Silva at 203.487.0946 or with any questions.

THE TERRITORIES-HISTORY, ISSUES, POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS-June 9, 9:30 am, JCC. Mentioned regularly in the news, "the Territories" are a trigger point for most discussions about Israel.  However, many Americans do not have a strong grasp of the history, and are only aware of what the media tells about what is happening on the ground. As a community deeply engaged in the discussion of Israel, it is imperative that we know the history, and are aware of the facts on the ground. Only then, should we discuss what can be done for the future. The Jewish Education and Engagement Project of the United Jewish Federation (UJF)  and the JCC in partnership with Chavurat Aytz Chayim, Congregation Agudath Sholom, Hadassah, Selah, Temple Beth El, Temple Sinai and Young Israel will offer this program, conducted by Rabbi Stanley Davids and UJF's new CEO, Jim Cohen and will include ample time for discussion and questions.The program, which begins at 9:30 am, will include a light continental breakfast.  To register for the program go to  The program is $15 in advance/$20 at the door ($7.50/$10 for J.E.E.P. Pass holders). For more information, contact Elise Passy at or 203-321-1373 ext. 114  

AN EVENING OF TRIBUTE TO THE REBBE-Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 8:00 pm at the Chabad Center, 770 High Ridge Road. Commemorating the Rebbe's 19th Yahrtzeit - Gimmel Tammuz 5773. You are invited to a one-of-a-kind musical tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory.  A journey of original stories to uplift and inspire with Rabbi Ruvi New, Chabad of East Boca Raton. For Men & Women.  Refreshments will be served.  NO CHARGE - RSVP Appreciated 

Click here for more information

THE MIKE MILE-Sunday Morning, June 23, 2013 at High Ridge Park in Stamford,  Family 1 mile walk/run to support research for CIDP, a rare autoimmune disorder that has afflicted Michael Rothman.  For more information, please visit the website at for information on CIDP.  To sign up directly for The Mike Mile you can go to 

JEWISH CLUBS AT STAMFORD HIGH SCHOOL AND WESTHILL HIGH SCHOOL-Stamford High School's club meets on Tuesdays at 2:15 PM in Room 925 and Westhill's club meets on Thursdays at 2:15 PM in Room 601. Clubs meet weekly! For more information contact 


CAS Sisterhood Gift Shop

Summer Hours 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-3:00 pm

Tuesday June 4, 7:15-8 pm, preceding the mikvah event

uesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-2 pm

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