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Friday, June 28, 2013

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT  (203) 358-2200  

Mikvah 203-964-1928 /  Eruv 203-324-3955

June 29, 2013Pinchas

 21 Tammuz  5773 

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Coffee & Commentary


Tot Shabbat/Mini Minyan/
Jr. Cong
Perek on the Patio
Code of Jewish Law
Daf Yomi
Shabbat Ends

Thursday-Independence Day

The office will be closed

CAS Quick Links

 Rabbis'  Office Hours This Week

Rabbi Daniel Cohen
 Friday: 8:45-10:00 am

Rabbi David Walk

Sunday: 10:00-11:00 am

Monday: 1 hour before mincha

Join the CAS Trip to Israel
November 3 - 13, 2013

with Rabbi and Diane Cohen  

Perfect for first-timers and veterans,this trip will span the breadth of Israel both ancient and modern: visiting new discoveries, learning, and participating in social action opportunities to deepen and enrich your experience with Torah and the land and people of Israel

Click here to view the CAS Israel Tour Connection website 

Click here to let Rabbi Cohen know of your interest

This trip is open to the entire community.

The holidays are "early" this year! 
Please call the office with your calendar submissions before 7/1/13.

   Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil. Rabbi Tzadok Hakohen reflects that the first words of the Haftorot (Prophets) over the next three weeks begin with the words Divrei (Speech), Shimu (Hearing) and Chazon (Sight) to underscore the focus of this period. It is a time to improve our senses in the service of G-d and the Jewish people. Are our words constructive or destructive? Do we judge others favorably and see them in a positive light? Do we internalize a call for assistance or stand idly by? Each question raises personal and communal challenges and opportunities. Discuss them at your Shabbat table each week.

   Please also take a moment to read this article from Allison Josephs who visited Stamford and is founder of Jew in the City which highlights a great message for the three weeks.


Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Daniel Cohen | 203-252-8252
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Excerpts from letters received by CAS following Phyllis Shapiro and
Gloria Green's weekly visits to the cholim in Stamford Hospital:


"Dear Phyllis and Gloria-

                 You absolutely Lit Up My Day when you made your visit to my room in the hospital....I think it is such a Mitzvah that you carry out to people who are ill. I have to thank Agudath Sholom for sponsoring this Mitzvah and many, many thanks to both of you for your cheerful visit and good wishes."


"To the Chesed Committee,

Your visit and Shabbat gift last Friday was greatly appreciated.  I have been using the Meditations and Prayers Folder.  The Jewish community in Stamford is very supportive."


Your support of the CAS Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages, as well as your contributions to the Chesed committee and the Rabbis' Discretionary Funds make these and many more acts of chesed possible. To make a contribution in memory of or in honor of a loved one, or for any reason at all, please go to:

You can also mail a check to the shul, call (203) 358-2200, or drop by!


Youth Committee Meeting

This Tuesday, July 9, 9:30 am at CAS

Please come and share your ideas about youth programs at CAS

and learn how you can make a difference!

Summer Flicks at CAS

Join Rabbi Walk for these features.

Showtimes 7:30 pm, Wednesdays.  No charge!

This Wednesday, July 3-Sarah's Key (description from Wikipedia):

Sarah's Key follows an American journalist's present-day investigation into the

Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of Jews in German-occupied Paris in 1942. It tells the story of young girl Sarah's experiences during and after these events, illustrating the participation of the French bureaucracy while also showing how other French citizens hid and protected Sarah from Vichy France authorities. The film alternates between Sarah's life in 1942 and the journalist researching the story in 2009.

Mazal Tov to:

  •  Mazal Tov to Judy and Jeff Cahn on the birth of Zoe Natanya (Chaya Natanya) to Rebecca & Mike Binstock.            Mazal Tov also to big sister Esther Malka!

Hatzlacha Rabbah to:

  • The 2013-14 officers and board members of Agudath Sholom 

Tzeitchem l'Shalom to:

  • Elise, Marc, Avi, Adina and Yael Passy on their return to Texas
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Roselyn Mangot
Torah ReaderDavid Cohen
Sandy Shapiro
Daily Bread                                                                                                                Rabbi David Walk
Coffee & Commentary
Rabbi David Walk
Halachot and Hidden Holidays of the Three Weeks                                               Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Perek on the Patio
                                   Rabbi David Walk
Code of Jewish Law
                                                 Ari Lieberman
Seudat Shlishit
Shameless Situation                                                                                                   Rabbi David Walk
Thanks to this Week's Sponsors...
Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages

Rachel & Harold Terk, in honor of the birth of their granddaughter, Ella Sage (Yehudit Tzipora), to Alyssa Terk & Denis Jablonka; the Linda Beson Nursing Educational Fund

Chapel Kiddush
Eric & Pam Greenhut, on the 1st yahrtzeit of Kenneth R. Greenhut, z"l
Sanctuary Kiddush
Avram, Rhoda & Jonathan Freedberg; Eve, Sid, David & Simone Nachman;
Daniel, Ruth & Michael Freedberg, Arielle, Tamar & Hanan Prager; Eli & Julia Freedberg & family, Daniel & Alisa Weiner, and Michael Agate on the shloshim of  our beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Ziporah Freedberg, z"l
Seudat Shlishit
the shul
Weekday Schedule

Daf Yomi

Sunday 7:45 am, Monday-Wednesday, Friday 7:00 am, Thursday 7:30 am


Sunday 7:15/8:30 am, Monday-Wednesday 6:30/7:30 am, Thursday 7:00/8:30 am, Friday 6:30/8:30 am

Weekday Mincha
Sunday-Thursday 8:20 pm

Candles Next Friday

8:12 pm

CAS Announcements 

SUMMER FLICKS WITH RABBI WALK: SARAH'S KEY-This Wednesday, July 3, 7:30 pm
YOUTH COMMITTEE MEETING-This Tuesday, July 9, 9:30 am at CAS.
MEN'S CLUB PRE-FLICK BBQ-Wednesday, July 24, 6:30 pm
CAS Summer Classes

Rabbi Walk: (all at CAS) 

Sunday: Bible from the Beginning - 9:15-10:00 am

Monday: Parsha - noon

Tuesday: Psalms - 9:00 am

Wednesday: Meditation - 9:00 am

Thursday: Guide to the Siddur - 9:00 am

Thursday: Masechet Megilla - 1 hour before mincha-not meeting on July 4

Rabbi Cohen:

Friday: Taste of Torah - 8:15 am 


Special Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Cohen

Tuesday, July 9, noon, at Temple Sholom, Greenwich

Topic: Living Inspired

Learn the sacred sources and strategies for living inspired, enriching your

relationships and creating a legacy and enduring memories now and forever.

For more information contact Alice Schoen,,

(203) 542-7165

Summer Flicks with Rabbi Walk

Join Rabbi Walk at CAS for these features. 

Showtimes Wednesdays, 7:30 pm, no charge!

(all descriptions compiled from Wikipedia)


July 3-Sarah's Key (Elle s'appelait Sarah-2010)

Sarah's Key follows an American journalist's present-day investigation into the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of Jews in German-occupied Paris in 1942. It tells the story of young girl Sarah's experiences during and after these events, illustrating the participation of the French bureaucracy while also showing how other French citizens hid and protected Sarah from Vichy France authorities. The film alternates between Sarah's life in 1942 and the journalist researching the story in 2009.

   Sarah's Key is an adaptation of the novel with the same title by Tatiana de Rosnay. It stars Kristin A. Scott Thomas.

July 10-The Devil's Arithmetic (1999)

Jewish-American teen Hannah Stern (Kirsten Dunst) isn't much interested in her family's religious tradition. But her blasé attitude changes radically when she suddenly enters a time slip back to a 1942 Nazi death camp, where Hannah learns firsthand the horrors of The Holocaust and the price her family and other Jews paid because of their heritage. She also learns the importance of remembering, and how the past continues to resonate in the present. 

   The Devil's Arithmetic is a 1999 TV movie based on the historical novel of the same name by Jane Yolen. It stars Kirsten Dunst as Hannah Stern and costars Brittany Murphy, Louise Fletcher and Mimi Rogers. Dustin Hoffman introduces the film. 

July 17-The Jazz Singer (the original 1927 Al Jolson version)
The Jazz Singer is a 1927 American musical film depicting the fictional story of Jakie Rabinowitz, a young man who defies the traditions of his devout Jewish family. After singing popular tunes in a beer garden he is punished by his father, a cantor, prompting Jakie to run away from home. Some years later, now calling himself Jack Robin, he has become a talented jazz singer. He attempts to build a career as an entertainer but his professional ambitions ultimately come into conflict with the demands of his home and heritage.
   The first feature-length motion picture with synchronized dialogue sequences, its release heralded the commercial ascendance of the "talkies" and the decline of the silent film era. The film is based on The Day of Atonement, a play by Samson Raphaelson.
July 24-The Yankles, (2009) preceded by the Men's Club Pre-Flick BBQ (fee for BBQ to be determined)
The Rosh Yeshiva (rabbinical dean) of an Orthodox Jewish yeshiva decides that the school should have a baseball team to compete in the college league. Elliot (Michael Buster), one of the students with a background in minor league baseball, is able to convince Charlie Jones (Brian Wimmer), a former major league player who had been imprisoned as a result of DUI convictions--and now has to perform almost 200 hours of community service--to coach the team. As he coaches the team, he gives the players "a new measure of skill and confidence," as they help him regain his self-respect.

   Filmed in Utah with a "predominantly Mormon cast," the film was shown at a number of film festivals, winning a number of festival awards, although it was never theatrically released. 

Young Couples

Shabbat, July 20, 2013, 4 pm-The Young Couples Committee is hosting Shabbat dessert at the Shabbas Park/Belltown Park. Please join us with store-bought desserts or snacks. Feel free to bring a picnic blanket along with your desserts or snacks. All food will be shared amongst the group, so be sure that the items you have purchased have the proper kosher hechsher or that baked goods/desserts are from kosher bakeries. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Tobin at


Tot Shabbat, Mini Minyan and Jr.Cong. continue all summer long.  All other groups - see you in September!


Youth Committee Meeting

Tuesday July 9th 9:30 am at CAS

Please come and share your ideas about youth programs at CAS

and learn how you can make a difference!


Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Jeiger

We wish the following people a Refuah Sheleima. Please have them in your prayers: 
If you would like to add a name for this month, click here

Dov ben Malka, Pinchas ben Leeba, Zahava bat Chaya Sara, Boruch ben Polina, Natalie Chana Chaya bat Aviva, Rivka bat Rose,

Chaim Yisroel ben Gittel Malka, Yocheved Chana bat Leah OsneZechariya Eliyahu ben Ayelet Naomi, Meyer Leib ben Shayna Reisel, Shemuel Simcah ben Channah, Zev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel, Refael Ephraim ben Sima,
 Michal Fraida Chava bat Yita Shandel
Please recite psalm 47 for Marlene Gatz, a BCDS mother battling cancer. The text is here.

Community Announcements

RABBI ADAM MINTZ- @ Young Israel of Stamford, 8:30 pm, free & open to the public.

July 2 - Reward and Punishment: How Does It Work?

July 10 - The Messiah: Who is He and What Will He Accomplish?

July 17 - Resurrection of the Dead: Will It Really Take Place and How Will It Happen?


CAMOS (Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford)-Sunday, August 4th, noon. Annual Summer Sunday in Stamford program. It's a great way to visit the community in a relaxed way, and meet other like minded families who already live in the Stamford community. If you know any families who are considering a move to Stamford, please encourage them to get in touch with Miriam Sperber at, and she will provide them with all of the information.

LIFE TRANSITIONS-Wednesdays at 11:30 am beginning June 19. Ongoing support group for the unemployed at the Stamford JFS office, 733 Summer Street, 6th Floor. The focus of the group is to provide a forum to discuss and explore the concerns and issues related to job loss and to find alternative solutions for career satisfaction. The group is a collaborative effort between JFS Counseling and Employment & Training Departments. To register or for more information, please contact Rebekah Kanefsky at 203-921-4161 or email at 


CAS Sisterhood Gift Shop

Summer Hours 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-3:00 pm

Closed for July 4th.  Happy Independence Day!


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