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Friday, September 1, 2017

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
Ki Teitzei
September 2, 2017
11 Elul 5777
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Mincha7:00 PM
Candle Lighting7:08 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Torah Before Tefillah7:40 AM
Coffee & Commentary8:45 AM
Latest Shema9:38 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Tot Shabbat
Mini Minyan
10:30 AM
Latest Shacharit10:43 AM
Daf Yomi6:10 PM
Code of Jewish Law6:10 PM
Mincha7:00 PM
Maariv8:02 PM
Shabbat Ends8:07 PM
Shabbat Shalom
Ascent and Descent in Elul
Are we moving forwards or backwards spiritually?
Rav Nachman of Breslow taught we become experts in "running forth" and "returning" when we acknowledge God at all times whether in a state of ascent or decline in our service of the Almighty.
King David wrote in Psalms, "If I ascend to Heaven, You are there. If I make my bed in Hell, You are there. "(139:8) When we achieve a spiritual high, we cannot be content. When we stumble, we must never despair. We must constantly search for God and do the best we can to grow through and from all situations. God can be found everywhere.
Gaining this awareness is the purpose of the preparatory month of Elul for Rosh Hashanah. The etymology of the name of the month is derived from the verse "And they searched out the land of Canaan." (Numbers 13:2). The Targum translates, "and they searched" - viyalelun, a verb containing the word Elul. Elul is a time for searching for God and acknowledging God in our lives even when He seems to be hidden.
Rabbi Yaakov Meir Shechter adds that the word Elul spells out two words - Lo- To Him (with a vav) and Lo - No (with an aleph). These refer to two periods of ascent and descent in our lives. In times of ascent, we need to remember not to become complacent and rest on our achievements. In times of descent, in challenging moments, we must always remember the Lo- to Him - God is always with us and develop the fortitude to forge ahead.
On a personal note, this weekend is one of great ascent for our family. We are deeply grateful for God's presence in our lives and your special friendship and warm wishes. We looking forward, God willing, to sharing in the upcoming simcha of Sara Malka and Avi's wedding and pray that we all experience much joy and ascent in the year ahead!
Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Daniel Cohen
  • new members Alan and Madeline Bigel and Scott and Alyson Koblick
  • our new Youth and Teen Directors Yaakov & Yolly Faratci. They will live in Stamford and also serve as the Stamford NCSY Advisors. We look forward to a dynamic year of growth and joy for our youth!!
  • new Stamford families: Joseph & Rachel Angel and their children David, Victoria, Grace and Denise; Scott & Alyson Koblick; and Greg & Rachel Waldstreicher and their son Jackson. We wish them much joy in their new homes!
New to Stamford? Learn the benefits of CAS membership. Contact our Director of Operations, Matt Feinberg at or sign up for membership click here.
Best wishes to the CAS Kiddush Cup softball team and captain, Simeon Wohlberg, in their annual Labor Day game vs. Young Israel. This year, we dedicate the game to Larry Miller, of blessed memory, who served as the umpire from the inception of the series and modeled in his life integrity, love of family, God and community and serves as an inspiration for all
Join us NEXT Sunday, September 10 from 9AM - 1PM for the 2nd-Annual CAS Sukkah Raising Event! Help build Fairfield County's largest Sukkah! Perform a mitzvah, get new ideas on how to build your Sukkah, everyone welcome - no tools required! Matt will show you how! Info -
Youth Note Beginning next Shabbat, September 9, Mini Minyan and Tot Shabbat will switch rooms
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the community in Houston. Please consider a contribution to the Hurricane Harvey United Orthodox Synagogue Community Rebuilding Fund, offer Prayer and Strength for Houston or provide for Harvey Relief.
A Tangible Houston Relief Effort Drop off the items below to CAS by Sunday 12 PM and we will deliver them to Seasons in Scarsdale on Sunday. If you would like to help with delivery please be in touch. Also, each Seasons is accepting only certain items. Our responsibility -SCARSDALE -SEASONS, Men's Deodorant, Women's Deodorant, Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Adult Mosquito Spray, Child Mosquito Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Body Lotion, Assorted Feminine Care Products (Asst. Sizes). For more info,
Rabbi Cohen's Elul Shabbat Challenge Thank the Police officer on duty when you arrive in shul and tell Rabbi Cohen his name at the Kiddush.
Rabbi Cohen's Halacha Corner - Shatnez
  • The Torah teaches about the power of combinations and warns against mixing the wrong things together. One of these is the prohibition against wearing a mixture of wool and linen in the same piece of clothing, as it is written, "You shall not wear combined fibers, wool and linen together" (Deut. 22:11). In Hebrew, this forbidden mixture is called "shatnez" (pronounced shot-nezz).
  • Even the smallest amount of shatnez is forbidden. For example, if you have a wool suit and the buttons are sewn with linen thread, it is forbidden to wear the suit until the linen thread is removed. Someone who discovers they are wearing shatnez is required to remove the garment immediately. For more info, visit Agudath Sholom will host Rabbi Yirmiyahu Modlovan as a shatnex checker in the weeks ahead. For more information, contact Rabbi Cohen or Rabbi Zweiter.
Take a Minute to Support Israel Supporting Israel isn't hard -- there are many things that you can do that take literally one minute. The Israel Committee now has a website built on this idea. Go to for simple things that you can do, from calling your Congressional representatives to social media posts, that take only a minute or two. Check back frequently for updates and ideas for things you can do!
This Week in Jewish History is on hiatus for the remainder of the Summer. But catch up on the series Just click here to view the YouTube Channel
Kosher Alerts The OU reminds you to always check the label before purchasing any item that needs kosher certification! And for the latest corrective actions, stay up with the latest OU KOSHER CONSUMER ALERTS & ADVISORIES...just click here
Kosher Advisory Breaking news from the OU - newly certified items! to check out the list click here
LIPS product of the week Check out our new Love Israel Products Blog (LIPS) for the latest ways to support Israel! Thank you to Lola Halperin and Aaron Goldenberg for organizing.
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Torah Before TefillahRabbi Oran Zweiter
Coffee & CommentaryRabbi Daniel Cohen
ShiurRabbi Oran Zweiter: Abortion in Halacha: Law, Ethics and Public Policy (part 3)
SermonRabbi Daniel Cohen
Daf YomiDavid Bessaleli
Seudat ShlishitRabbi Oran Zweiter
Torah ReaderGideon Pell
Weekday Schedule
ShacharitShacharit: Sunday 7:15 AM/8:30 AM, Monday 7:00 AM/8:30 AM, Tuesday-Friday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaMincha: Sunday-Friday 7:00 PM
Late MaarivMonday-Thursday: The Learning Center, 1766 Bedford Street, 8:45 PM
Candles Friday6:56 PM
MondayLabor Day
Mazal Tov
  • to Rabbi Daniel and Diane Cohen on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Sara Malka to Avi Petrushka. The entire shul is invited to a celebratory Sheva Brachot at seudah shlishit next Shabbat afternoon.
  • to Drs. Steven and Danielle Thau on Abigail's Bat Mitzvah
  • to Rochel and Hecky Attar and Yospa Lieberman on the engagement of their daughter and granddaughter Shana to Tomer Mangoubi
  • to Helene Zimmerman on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Eve Felicity Phillips, born to Tori & Gabriel Phillips
  • to our member Steve Labkoff and his wife Liron Sussman on the opening of the art exhibit at Atria in Darien this Thursday from 5 PM - 7 PM. The exhibit is called "To Infinity and Beyond". The show consists of Steve's night photographs and astrophotography photographs as well as Liron's oils and prints. We'd love to see you there!
  • to Jordan Soifer, son of Amiram and Louise Soifer and grandson of Ben and Devora Soifer, on winning the 16 and under gold medal in tennis at the Maccabi Games for the second year
Celebrate with the family! Make a donation in their honor and we will send an acknowledgement to the family. Just click here
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Shabbat Shalom Hospital PackagesHelene Zimmerman in honor of the birth of her great-granddaughter, Eve Felicity Phillips; Howard and Stephanie Fogel in memory of Sam Fogel; and the Linda Beson Nursing Education Fund
Library Kiddushby Ari Lieberman in honor of his dear wife Rica's birthday
Chapel KiddushToby Schaffer in memory of Joseph Macy on the occasion of his first yahrzeit
Sanctuary KiddushDrs. Steven & Daniella Thau in celebration of Abigail's Bat Mitzvah
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Joseph And Julia Macy Memorial Lecture:  Featured Speaker Rabbi Saul Berman
Topic: Forgiveness for Failings in Friendships.
Rabbi Saul J. Berman, a leading Orthodox teacher and thinker has made extensive contributions to the role of social ethics in synagogue life and to the understanding of the applicability of Jewish Law to contemporary society. He will be the featured speaker at a pre-Rosh Hashana lecture. His topic will focus on the obligation of forgiving individuals before the High Holidays.
Legacy Seminar with Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Thursday, September 14 - 7:15 PM
Legacy Seminar with Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Based on the roadmap in Rabbi Cohen's recent book, "What Will They Say about You When You are Gone: Creating a Life of Legacy", he will conduct a self reflection workshop on becoming your best self this coming year! The seminar will includes dinner from 613 and the cost of the seminar is $15 per person. RSVP is required by Tuesday, September 12.
Sukkot Across Agudath
Shabbat, October 7 - 12:00 PM
Sukkot Across Agudath
On Saturday, October 7th the Sisterhood wants everyone in our congregation enjoying their shabbat afternoon having Sukkot lunch with other members of our shul, at homes across the community.

Come be a part of Sukkot as it's supposed to be...within the beauty and spirituality of the sukkah, enjoying friends, old and new.

This event is FREE.

Host families will provide food for the meal.

Guests will be asked to bring wine, challah, and pareve dessert (more details when you sign up!)

Sign up deadline Sunday, September 24.
CAS Youth Opening Event
Shabbat, September 2 - 4:30 PM
CAS Youth Opening Event
Oneg to Welcome Yolly & Yaakov
Meet your friends of all ages
CAS Teens Grill & Chill
Sunday, September 3 - 11:30 AM
CAS Teens Grill & Chill
Opening Event for the year!
BBQ, Basketball, Tie, Dye & Surprise Games!
RSVP to Yakkov or Yolly
CAS Youth Apple Picking
Sunday, September 10 - 10:30 AM
CAS Youth Apple Picking
Fun for the whole family!
Get ready for Rosh Hashana
Lulav and Etrog Set
Friday, September 29, noon
Pick up dates at CAS are:
Sunday, October 1 - 7 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday, October 2 - 8-9 AM
Wednsday, October 3 - 1-5 PM
Enter your reservation & pre-pay on-line to speed your pickup!
CAS Classes
Week of September 3
Monday-FridayDr. Jeff Cahn: Mishna Berura 6-6:30 AM
SundayRabbi Oran Zweiter: Bible from the Beginning - 9:15 AM
MondayBob Abrams: Tanach - The Book of Kings - Resumes September 11, 1PM (New Time)
WednesdayRabbi Oran Zweiter: Weekly Haftorah - 9:00 AM
ThursdayRabbi Oran Zweiter: The Lonely Man of Faith - 9:00 AM
FridayRabbi Daniel Cohen: The Pre-Shabbos Torah Taste - 8:15 AM
CAS Young Families
Toddler Time Playgroup Tuesdays, 3:30 pm. Please join us for an hour of free play for children 1 to 4 years old and their caregivers. Facilitated by two moms of toddlers, this drop-in group meets weekly at CAS in the downstairs children's classroom. No cost, a light snack provided. Info: Jessica Furmansky

New Mom's Group Resuming - Mommy and Me Bring your baby and come meet other moms at CAS. Monday, Setember 18 and October 2 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM For Babies birth through 1. This is a free group open to the community. Info: contact Melissa Litwak at
CAS High Holiday Classes
Get Ready for the Holidays at CAS
Special Programs
  • Joseph and Julia Macy Memorial Lecture with Rabbi Saul Berman Tuesday, September 12, 7:30 PM. He will speak on the topic "Forgiveness for Failings in Friendships". For more info visit
  • Pre Rosh Hashanah Apples, Honey and Wine Tasting with Rabbi Daniel Cohen Wednesday night, September 13 at 8 PM. Enjoy a taste of the sweet New Year with fellow High Grove residents and neighbors. The event is hosted by our members, Justin and Sarah Breiner and Shushana and Ari Yasgur. RSVP appreciated to
  • Legacy Seminar with Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Realize Your Divine Potential in the New Year Thursday evening, September 14 at 7:15 PM until 9 PM at CAS. Based on the roadmap in Rabbi Cohen's recent book, "What Will They Say about You When You are Gone: Creating a Life of Legacy", he will conduct a self reflection workshop on becoming your best self this coming year! The seminar will includes dinner from 613 and the cost of the seminar is $15 per person. RSVP is required by Tuesday, September 12. Register online at
  • Sparks of Growth and Inspiration Saturday, September 16 at 9 PM prior to the 10:00 PM Selichot Service. Have you ever read a poem, a book, seen a movie or a work of art or heard a song that awakened within you the voice of God beckoning you to become a better you? Share your experience. Rabbi Kook describes Teshuvah as return to self, your soul. We never know what experience will awaken us from our spiritual slumber and motivate us to grow in our relationship to humanity and God. Join us for an evening of inspiration. We want to hear from you. To sign up to share your source of inspiration, contact Rabbi Oran Zweiter at
  • Sounds at the Sound Sunrise Service Sunday morning, September 17 at 6:10 AM. Meet us at the Stamford Cove for our annual sunrise service. It is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season. Recite the prayers as the sun is rising and join in song. Light refreshments following minyan. Open for men, women and children. Please RSVP your attendance to Rabbi Cohen at
Special Holiday Learning Series
Classes with Rabbi Cohen
  • The Depth of Genesis Tuesdays, September 12, 19 and 26 at 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM
  • The Mysticism, Mystery and Meaning of Sukkot Tuesdays, September 12, 19 and 26 at 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Parsha Perspectives Tuesdays, September 12, 19 and 26 at 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • The Light of Psalms: Discover King David's Path for Leading an Inspired Life Tuesday, September 19 and 26 at 7:30 PM
Classes with Rabbi Zweiter
  • Explore the Haftorot for the Holidays Wednesday, September 13 and 27 at 9 AM- 9:45 AM
  • Rabbi Joseph Solveitchik on Repentance Thursday, September 14 and 28th at 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Save the Dates
  • Ten Days to Greatness The Ten Chapters on Repentance from Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur
  • Shabbat Shuva Drasha with Rabbi Cohen - Shabbat, September 23rd
CAS Announcements
  • YOU'RE INVITED! Seudat Shlishit on 9/9 for a sheva brachot for Sara Malka Cohen and Avi Petrushka. If you would like to sponsor, contact the office at 203-358-2200.
  • CAS MEN'S CLUB PLANNING MEETING FOR THE STAMFORD MAYORAL DEBATE moved to 9:30am Sunday Sept 10. Planning on how to run, decorate, manage, what format, etc. We need to decide -on how to conduct the Stamford Mayoral Debate or Stamford Mayoral Forum on Sept. 10 9:30 sharp.
  • MENS CLUB PROGRAM Do you snore or have trouble breathing at night? On Sunday, September 10, Dr. Jeffrey Cahn will be speaking about a comfortable, custom-made dental device to treat sleep apnea that is covered by medicare and most medical insurance. It may change your life. This event will start at 10am with bagel, lox and cream cheese provided free if you RSVP in advance. This is the first of a new series of CAS Men's Club presentations.
  • MENS CLUB WINE SALE September 10 from 9:45am to 11:45am we will take orders for wines outside Sylvia's, downstairs in the lobby. Questions, or interest contact
  • CONCEPTIONS, MISCONCEPTIONS AND MISSED CONCEPTIONS: A REVIEW OF THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICAL LAWS OF GETTING TO THE MIKVAH Monday night, September 11th at 8:15 PM at CAS. A Program of the Minnie Manger - Marcia Lieberman Mikvah open to all women in the community. Whether you've recently gotten married, had a baby or just feel like you could use review or inspiration, come out for a refresher and Q and A on the laws of Niddah with Dena Block our CAS Steinmetz, Bernstein, Alexander Yoetzet Halacha. RSVP recommended for the class to Jessica at We welcome Dena, her husband Rabbi Avi Block and their family on their recent move to Stamford. As always, Dena is available for any questions or consultation and can be reached at 201 921 8992 or
  • LOOKING FOR NEW ACCESSORIES FOR THE UPCOMING HOLIDAYS? Have something you want to swap for a new look? Join us for our first pre- Yom Tov accessory swap. Bring any hats, scarves, headbands or jewelry that you are interested in getting off your hands for others to enjoy and spruce up your options at the same time. We are asking $10 admission to attend the hat swap. All proceeds to go to the Minnie Manger - Marcia Lieberman Mikvah. Swap will take place following Dena Block's class.
  • A LOCAL MITZVAH TO FEED THE HUNGRY As you know, in lieu of our Harvest Now Garden, we are asking you to purchase fruits and vegetables and deliver them to the Fairfield County Food Pantry. I purchased them at Sophia Farmer's Market (1011 Hope Street) and spoke to the owner, Yashar, who is happy to partner with us on our mitzvah. Let them know you are buying produce for the Food Pantry and they will give you a %10 percent discount. The food pantry was overjoyed to get the produce which is always timely and appreciated! The whole trip from shopping at Sophia's to delivery to the pantry took about 30 minutes and is a great way to assist our local community! Willy, Willy, Danny and Jay will be there to greet you!
  • SAVE THE DATE for our Apples and Honey Tasting with Rabbi Cohen at Highgrove on Sep. 13th. This is an outreach event for unaffiliated Jews in Stamford, hosted by our members, Justin and Sarah Breiner and Shushana and Ari Yasgur. If you know someone who might like to attend, please contact Sarah
  • WE ARE GRATEFUL to the Fried and Dayan families for commissioning a Torah to be housed at CAS in honor of Max's upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Please join us at 12 PM on Friday, September 15th for the Torah completion celebration. The program will begin with an opportunity for you to "write" a letter in the Torah and then we will dance the Torah from the chapel in to the main sanctuary where we will write the last letter. It is an unforgettable experience! We will be joined by Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Pincus, the scribe. Everyone is invited for refreshments following the siyum. See you there!
  • YOUTH SOCCER TEAMS FOR SHABBAT OBSERVANT KIDS We are soliciting interest for a soccer team/teams that do not practice or hold games on Saturdays, and can participate as part of the Stamford youth soccer league. The teams are for boys and girls ages 4-19. If interested, please e-mail with your child's/ children's gender, birth year and whether you are interested in a competitive ("Travel") team or recreational ("House") team. For more info, please visit the Stamford youth soccer website at
  • SHABBAT, SEPTEMBER 23RD - THANK LOCAL HEROES SHABBAT AT CAS Join us on Shabbat morning to express our gratitude to our city's first responders. Members of our local fire and police departments will be at services and Kiddush. We will make a brief presentation to them at the end of davening and there will be a Q-and-A with the officers following Kiddush.
  • HEALING VISITS MITZVAH UPDATE - Thank you to all of our volunteers on our healing visits team. The healing visits team is a group of men and women in our shul who visit people in the hospital, facilities or at at home. It a very meaningful way to lift people's sprits and make a difference. You can offer as much or as little time as you have for each person is world unto themselves are your warmth lights up their day. Every week we send out a healing visit update. To join the team, contact Rabbi Cohen at
  • CAS FREE MEZUZAH CAMPAIGN IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT Bringing Blessings to Jewish Homes. Do you know a neighbor or a friend who lacks a mezuzah? CAS offers a free mezuzah and home visit to post this sacred scroll at the entrance to all Jewish homes in the area. For more info, contact Rabbi Cohen:
  • JOIN THE CHEVRA KADISHA We need new volunteers for the Chevra - those willing to perform a tahara. Info: Please contact Rochel Attar at
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING We need you to help secure our Synagogue. As you come to the building, please be aware of your surroundings. If you see something out of the ordinary, please let someone know about it. This will keep everyone safe.
  • WELCOME TO OUR SYNAGOGUE PROGRAM Every Shabbat we station ushers at the doors in the sanctuary to welcome people, assist them and enhance the service. We are expanding the usher roles to include a greeter in the lobby from 9-10:30 am. Please join the usher team. We need you and your smile. Info: Mitchell Bell.
  • COMMUNITY CHESED HELPERS An important role of the Chesed committee is outreach to the Shul's elderly and homebound, who are often isolated and lack a lifeline to our synagogue. Volunteer to reach out and identify needs, visit, or give a ride. Even small gestures mean a great deal Interested? Vivian Weiss at 203-323-0909 or If you are aware of elderly or homebound members in need of outreach, please notify Rabbi Cohen.
  • WE WANT YOU FOR BINGO! Players AND volunteers needed. Join in on the fun we have every MONDAY at 6:00 PM


Open on Sunday from 10 am - noon

We need volunteers! Please call Julie at (203) 321-6460 or Anne at (203) 321-5072

Community Announcements
  • SHOFAR STUDY join Rabbi Uri Grosberg for a 2 part series at the home of Oren and Elise Klein on what the Shofar is about. (Please text 469-348-6312 for address and further information.) Why do we specifically blow a Shofar, and not another instrument? How is the Shofar relevant to the creation of mankind and to our lives? Wednesday nights @ 7:30 p.m.- September 6 & 13.
  • INSPIRICA ONE STEP CLOSER TO HOME WALK-A-THON to raise awareness about homelessness in our community in which we live and work. The 5k run/walk will take place on Sunday, September 24 at 10:00 am and together, 200+ friends of Inspirica will join to support our mission to permanently break the cycle of homelessness. Lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement with us! All funds raised support Inspiricas mission and the need for Inspiricas services is greater than ever. We are seeing more and more men, women and children come into our shelters. Our One Step Closer to Home event sheds light on prevalence of homelessness in our community and works to help our clients live healthy, dignified lives. To register, please visit:
  • JHSC OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, October 29 from 1:30 - 4:00 pm (1937 West Main Street, Stamford). Come and learn about our unique value proposition, our UConn ECE Program, our 2018 tuition initiative, our international mathematics program, physics first STEM program and our individualized Judaic tracks. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Sarah Rich - or 203-357-0850.
  • BECOME A READING PARTNER Do you love to read? Do you enjoy being with children? Would you like to be instrumental in improving a childs reading skills? If the answers are "Yes!:", then weve got a match. Reading Partners is a volunteer program sponsored by UJF and this is our 19th year of servicing the Stamford community. Our corps of 100 readers go to all 13 Stamford Public Schools and 2 community centers to read with students in grades K-3, during the school year. The commitment is one hour a week. You will read with 2 students for ½ hour each. Training will be late September and reading will begin in early October. We hold literacy workshops, put out a newsletter and have a robust support system at each school. Find out more! Go to and then contact Marlyn Agatstein: 203-321-1373 x 115 or email to Join the other volunteers who say this is the BEST day of their week!
  • DO A MITZVAH! CONSIDER SUPPORTING THE JFS KOSHER FOOD PANTRY by purchasing Mitzvah Baskets and/or Mitzvah Centerpieces instead of flowers for your next simcha at CAS. Distributions from the JFS Kosher Food Pantry have increased by more than 1000 since the recession. With this tremendous upsurge in use, JFS is constantly challenged to keep the food pantry full. Your generosity enables JFS to help those in our community in their greatest moments of need.
  • HAVE AN EXTRA COAT IN YOUR CLOSET? Schoke Jewish Family Service Kosher Food Pantry is collecting new or gently used winter gear for our food pantry clients. Coats, hats, scarves, gloves and mittens for adults and children Or donation of retail gift cards (e.g. Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, etc.) Donations can be dropped off Monday - Friday between 9 am - 4 pm at Schoke JFS, 733 Summer Street, 6th Floor, Stamford. For additional information, please contact Rebekah Kanefsky at 203-921-4161 or
  • SCHOKE JFS LIFE TRANSITIONS, beginning Wednesday at 4 pm. Support group, meeting weekly, for unemployed facing the emotional challenges of finding employment at the Stamford Schoke JFS office, 733 Summer Street, 6th Floor. Contact Anne Birchenough at 203-921-4161 or
  • LETS TALK (FREE) Thursdays, 11 am at the Stamford JCC, 1035 Newfield Avenue, 1 pm at the Westport Senior Center, 21 Imperial Avenue, and 12:45 pm at the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities, 100 Mona Terrace, Fairfield. Seniors talk about common interests and concerns, facilitated by a Schoke Jewish Family Service counselor. Contact Anne Birchenough at 203-921-4161 or
  • LETS TALK Fairfield, starting in February 23rd at 12:45 pm at the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities, 100 Mona Terrace, Fairfield. Seniors talk about common interests and concerns, facilitated by a Schoke Jewish Family Service counselor. Contact Rebekah Kanefsky at 203-921-4161 or
  • NOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR FOOD? Schoke JFS will provide information and eligibility assistance for financial help to purchase food. For a consultation, please contact Rebekah Kanefsky, Schoke JFS Case Manager at 203-921-4161 or email
  • SCHOKE JFS BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP, meets weekly, Thursdays at 10:30 am, at Congregation Bnai Israel, 2710 Park Avenue, Bridgeport. Gather to share feelings and exchange ideas in a non-judgmental environment that provides emotional, practical, and spiritual support for grieving the loss of a spouse or significant other. Contact Amanda Geffner, Schoke JFS therapist at 203-921-4161 or
We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Aaron ben Chunah Mayer Friedel
  • Dov ben Pnina
  • Gershon Avraham ben Devorah Breina
  • Ida bat Hanna
  • Ina bat Rivka
  • Nissan Sholom ben Ben Zahava
  • Pesach ben Rochel Basya
  • Refael Ephraim ben Sima
  • Shelamet D'vorah bat Chaya Faygel
  • Shoshana bat Etel
  • Tveil Malka bat Bas Sura
  • Yehudit bat Rochel
  • Yitzchak Asher ben Chana Sheva Chaya
  • Zev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel

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