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Friday, September 17, 2021

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
Ha'azinuSeptember 18, 202112 Tishrei 5782
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Candle Lighting6:41 PM
Mincha6:46 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM/8:00 AM/9:00 AM
Latest Shema9:43 AM
Latest Shacharit10:45 AM
Mincha6:35 PM
Shabbat Ends7:40 PM
Shabbat Shalom

We hope everyone experienced a meaningful and uplifting Yom Kippur and thank all of our volunteers and staff for creating such a wonderful environment. God willing, all of our prayers will be answered for the good.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Yom Kippur Appeal. If you have not already done so, you can use the link below.

We will be offering a full array of minyanim this Shabbat - 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 AM (one in the sanctuary and one in the tent) and youth groups as well. See below for more info.

We are looking forward to God willing a joyous Sukkot in the day ahead.

Lulav Pick up times are Sunday 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM and Monday 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM. There will also be Sukkah decorating on Sunday morning and the annual Sukkah Hop on Tuesday. If you have any questions about lulavim or Sukkot, please reach out to me or Rabbi Kurtz.

We continue to collect food for the Schoke JFS Freedberg Food Pantry and encourage you to drop off more items this coming week. Thank you to Meg and Liam Haron for chairing our High Holiday Food Drive.

Finally, the bridge days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot are some of the holiest days of the year. We celebrate Sukkot in the fall since God restored the clouds of glory for the Jewish people on the day after Yom Kippur. They were removed after the sin of the golden calf, and God in his infinite love forgave the nation and showed us with his Divine protection. These are days of deep joy and our expressions of renewed commitment to God. Reflect on your new commitment for the coming year.

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Tov,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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Rabbi Cohen's High Holiday Sermons  

Pre-Shabbat Virtual Opportunities at CAS  
  1. Community Prayers for Healing with Rabbi Cohen, Friday at 4:40 PM - - password: 015824
  2. Studies for the Soul with Rabbi Cohen, Friday at 4:50 PM - - password: 015824
  3. Join Rabbi Cohen's Living Torah Moment and Rabbi Kurtz's Daily Peninei Halacha

Shabbat Information 
  • Learn about the Shabbat Torah Reading for Parshat Ha'azinu with the insights of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l - click here
  • The Haftarah is read from Samuel II: 22:1-51
  • Haftarah for Ha'azinu - summary by - click here
  • Haftarah for Ha'azinu - summary by Haftarah Helper - click here
  • We omit Av HaRachamim and no Kel Malei prayers are recited.
  • Sukkos begins this Monday night, Sept. 20th.

Lulov and Etrog pickup times Sunday: 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM Monday: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Sukkot Calendar  
Monday, September 20th
Candle Lighting: 6:36 PM
Mincha: 6:41 PM

Tuesday, September 21st - Day 1
Shacharit: 7:00/8:00/8:45 AM
Mincha: 6:35 PM
Candles: 7:34 PM

Wednesday, September 22nd - Day 2
Shacharit: 7:00/8:00/8:45 AM
Mincha: 6:30 PM
Havdalah: 7:34 PM

click here to view the full calendar
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Senior Challah Deliveries: Joseph Mittel in memory of Salli and Martha Mittel

Teen Minyan: Benjy Karsch
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Upcoming Events
Laugh, Learn....Lchaim! 
Thursday, October 7
Grab a drink and join our new Young Couples group to socialize, gain a deeper connection to our CAS community, and share in group discussions. Led by Rabbi Daniel and Diane Cohen.Chaired by Rachel and Greg Waldstreicher For more information and to RSVP, contact Rachel at or Rabbi Cohen at
CAS Youth News
Shabbat Youth Group Locations 
  • Little Lights (10:00 - 10:45 am) - Classroom 113 in the new Education Wing
  • Tot Shabbat (10:00 - 11:00 am) - Classroom 126 (classroom in old wing)
  • Mini Minyan (10:00 - 11:00 am) - Classroom 127 (former Library in old wing)
  • Junior Cong (10:00 - 11:00 am) - Chapel
  • BMC (10:00 - 11:00 am) - Classroom 114 in new Education Wing
  • Teen Minyan - Beit Midrash
Shabbat Shalom
Michael Feldstein's latest column click here
Weekday Schedule
ShacharitShacharit: Sunday 7:00 AM/8:30 AM, Monday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM, Tuesday-Wednesday 7:00 AM/8:00 AM/8:45 AM, Thursday-Friday 6:20 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaMincha: Sunday 6:40 PM, Monday 6:41 PM, Tuesday 6:35 PM, Wednesday 6:30 PM, Thursday 6:40 PM, Friday 6:34 PM
Candles Friday6:29 PM
CAS Adult Education

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We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Avraham Shimon ben Chana
  • Dov ben Pnina
  • Elena Blasser
  • Elena Chavez
  • Eliezer ben Chana
  • Esther Malcah bat Itzik
  • Friedel bat Esther
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  • Refael Ephraim ben Sima
  • Shim Shome ben Miriam
  • Shmuel Dovid ben Malca
  • Tanner Garcia
  • Vigdor ben Rosa
  • Yaakov Ben Chaya ben Sarah
  • Yair ben Rachel
Community Announcements
  • UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION, THE INTERFAITH COUNCIL OF SOUTHWEST CONNECTICUT AND THE MAYOR'S MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO "WALK FOR UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY" October 10th (raindate October 17th) at Cove Island Park, 12:30-3:30. The importance of unity, friendship and peace has never been more important. Participants are invited to walk around the main circle at the park and then gather for a self-provided picnic lunch and get to know new friends and neighbors. Registration is required at: All CDC COVID-19 guidelines will be observed. For more information, please contact Sharon Lewis, Director, JCRC,
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  • KOSHER ALERTS The OU reminds you to always check the label before purchasing any item that needs kosher certification! And for the latest corrective actions, stay up with the latest OU KOSHER CONSUMER ALERTS & ADVISORIES...just click here
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