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Friday, June 3, 2022

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
BamidbarErev Shavuot Omer: 49June 4, 20225 Sivan 5782
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Mincha7:00 PM/8:08 PM
Candle Lighting8:03 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM/8:00 AM/9:00 AM
Latest Shema8:14 AM
Shmuel Class9:00 AM
Latest Shacharit9:47 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Code of Jewish Law7:10 PM
Mincha8:00 PM
Candle Lighting9:04 PM
Havdalah9:04 PM
Shabbat Shalom

We are excited to welcome Rabbi Donny and Rachel Besser as our Scholars in Residence this Shavuot. We will be offering a full array of adult and youth programming through the holiday!

Rachel Besser is the Nach Department Chair and Israel Guidance Counselor at the Frisch School and Rabbi Besser teaches Talmud and Jewish Law, serves as the Judaic Studies Enrichment Coordinator, and is Spiritual Guide at Mayanot Yeshiva High School, while also serving as a Rabbinical Judge for the RCA Beit Din of America.

We are also pleased to welcome NCSY advisors Melitta Oppenheim, Yonah Schiener, Ezra Emerson and Amitai Glicksman together with Yaakov and Yolly and Teen Advisor Moshe Kaplan.

We are deeply grateful to the following people who are sponsoring the Shavuot presentations: Arthur and Jill Green in memory of their fathers Erwin Green z"l and Norman Blumenstock z"l; Roz Mangot in memory of Michael Mangot z"l; Dr. Burt Rubin in memory of his father Martin Rubin z"l; Toby Schaffer in memory of the Macy Kedoshim; and Jeanne Sinrich in memory of Norman z"l; Diane and Rabbi Daniel Cohen. (List in formation)

Thank you to the donors thus far for our annual dinner on June 12th! We are honoring Rachel Dayan and Barry Sternlicht & Family and offering a special tribute to Matt Feinberg. It is not too late to sign up! Please see the dinner section below.

Save the date of Wednesday evening, June 22nd for our annual meeting. Suzannah Coll will receive the George and Ziporah Freedberg Hineni Award and Yolly & Yaakov Faratci will receive the George and Ziporah Freedberg Excellence in Spirit Award. Mazal Tov to all of them and thank you to Rhoda and Avi Freedberg for endowing these annual awards.

Wishing you and your families a joyous Shabbat and Shavuot!

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Indoor Masking Update  In accordance with the policies of the City of Stamford, the following is now in effect at CAS:
  • Masks are optional in the CAS building, regardless of age or vaccination status.
  • While not required, we recommend those who are unvaccinated continue to wear a mask.
  • The first section of the Men's and Women's Balconies are reserved for Masks Only.
  • For more information from the Stamford Dept of Health, click here.

Parents: Please be mindful not to serve children food or drinks in the Sanctuary during davening and to ensure they do not enter the shul unsupervised following davening. Thank you in advance.

Shabbat Information 
  • Learn about the Shabbat Torah Reading for Parshat Bamidbar with the insights of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l - click here
  • The Haftorah for Bamidbar is read from Hosea 2:1-22
  • Haftarah for Bamidbar - summary by - click here
  • Haftarah for Bamidbar - summary by Haftarah Helper - click here
  • We still recite אב הרחמי (due to Sefira).
  • Shavuot begins with the conclusion of this Shabbat. Please consult our Shavuot Schedule for further details.
  • Would you like to read the Torah or Haftarah for your bar mitzvah parsha? Let us know by clicking here!

Graduation Kiddush
Monday, June 6
Join the CAS Graduation Celebration!
If you have a graduate in your family (preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college or graduate school), we will publish his/her name and the level from which he or she is graduating.

Celebrate the graduates of our member families with a festive kiddush on the second day of Shavuot in honor of the graduates. Help co-sponsor the kiddush
$50 per family sponsorship || $180 for family cum laude sponsorship
Mazal Tov to the Graduates
BCHA Benny Rubinfeld
Gan YeladimNoah Saibel
Yael Sosnovich
Elementary School
The Leffell School - Westchester Sabrina FioRito
Middle School
BCHA Joseph Breiner
Hannah Cohen
Nadav Coll
Adam Daniel
Tamar Links
Elissa Tobin
SARSadie Bernstein
High School
AITEJustin Bilenker
BCHAJulianne Katz
Emily Seligson
SAR Max Dayan
PJ Jelen
Andrew Reicin
Leeba Zucker
Stamford High SchoolMatan Coll
Binghamton UniversityDayne Katz
HarvardMatt Jelen
Princeton UniversityHannah Bein
Joseph Rubin
Syracuse University/NewhouseTamara Mintz
Washington University in St. LouisEmma Rich
Yeshiva UniversityEphraim Zucker
Graduate School
University of Chicago Emily Jelen
Thank you to our Graduation Kiddush sponsors
Cum Laude
Stephanie & Josh Bilenker
Mona & Mark Breiner
Rachel & Nimrod Dayan
H & E Bernstein
Meredith & David Cohen
Julie Daniel
Judith & David Jelen
Janine Bahar & Gidon Katz
Vered & Mark Links
Susan & Len Mark
Stacey & Abraham Mintz
Maria & Glenn Reicin
Sharon & Burt Rubin
Sara & Yonnie Rubinfeld
Jason & Shira Saibel
Rachel Seligson
Jessica & Eytan Sosnovich
Laura & Seth Tobin

CAS Annual Dinner

June 12, 5pm

And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them

Guests of Honor

Barry Sternlicht and Family


Rachel Dayan

for their dedication and commitment to the redevelopment, restoration and refurbishment of our beloved building.

Click here to sign up

Thank you to all the participants in the CAS Annual Dinner (As of morning May 27th):

Mariya Feldman & Alex Abramov
Johanna & Selim Akyuz
Barbara & Ron Ashkenas
Sharyn & Fred Baer
Gayle & Mitchell Bell
Debra & Michael Berg
Dina & Paul Berger
Karen & Ira Berk
Devra Jaffe-Berkowitz & Parry Berkowitz
Lynn & Harvey Berman
Darona & Tzvi Bernstein
H & E Bernstein
Judith & Matthew Bernstein
Stephanie & Joshua Bilenker
Jessie & David Brand
Phyllis Brodsky
Drs. Judy & Jeff Cahn
Emily & Harvey Caney
Kate & Peretz Cik
Diane & Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Elise & Steven Cohen
Meredith & David Cohen
Rachel & Ephraim Cohen
Sheila Cohen
Stella & Isaac Cohen
Construction Solutions Group
Arline Gewanter & Lloyd Contract
Rachel & Nimrod Dayan
Rose Dayan
Anne & Juda Epstein
Arlene Ettinger
Debra & Daniel Faizakoff
Yolly & Yaakov Faratci
Karen Feinberg
Lisa & Seth Feinberg
Tamara Feurstein
Stephanie & Howard Fogel
Rhoda & Avram Freedberg
Janet Fried
Susan B. Fried
Jessica & Adam Furmansky
Miriam & Joseph Gelb
Judy & Howard Goldstein
Zipporah L. Fried Goodman
Meryl & David Gordon
Michelle & Howland Gordon
Gloria Green
Jill & Arthur Green
Joyce & Lawrence Haber
Rachel & Jeremy Hager
The Haimovsky Family
Kayla & Leon Hanna
Alissa Fried Harbater
Kamal Haron
Meg & Yoav Haron
Rachel & Dan Haron
Leora & Yaakov Hauptman
Beth & David Held
Sheryl Hertzberg
Tricia & Robert Hoff
Dr. Shara & Rabbi David Israel
Monica & Eric Jankelovits
Judith & David Jelen
Sandra & Michael Kamen
Helene & Harvey Kaminski
Flora & Carl Kaufman
Elissa & Philip Klapper
Miriam & Aaron Klein
Tamar & Daniel Kraus
Rebecca & Emilio Krausz
Jeannie & Brian Kriftcher
Marisa & Moshe Kurtz
Lorraine & David Kweskin
Biana & Ben Lanson
Hannah & Ilan Lastoff
David Levine
Shari & Ari Levine
Marla & Jason Lewis
Rachel & Joshua Licht
Vered & Mark Links
Nicole & Jonathan Makovsky
Roselyn Mangot
Susan & Leonard Mark
Dinah Miller & Seth Marlowe
Noah Marlowe
Rina Marlowe
Rhonda Schaffer-Maron & Jeffrey Maron
Deborah & Neil Metviner
Janice & Jacob Meyer
Kori & Bill Meyers
Leah & Gregory Miller
Michael G. Miller
Nancy & Gadi Mimoun
Stacey Mintz and Family
Joseph Mittel
Shira & Marc Nerenberg
Bruce Newman
Irwin Niedober
Tina & Yossi Notik
Doreen & Howard Nusbaum
Alexandra & Brett Olsson
Anne Peskin
Susan & Marc Peyser
Cindy & David Pitkoff
Marina Sapir & Alex Podelko
Jane Pollack
Sylvia Posner
Anne & Neil Raff
Judy & Bob Raymond
Veronica Reich
Maria & Glenn Reicin
Hilary & Alan Rifkin
Sherri & Allen Rosenthal
Gayle & Howard Rothman
Sara & Yonnie Rubinfeld
Shira Marder & Jason Saibel
Toby Schaffer
Aviva & Paul Schieber
Ivy & Marvin Schildkraut
Ilyse & Dean Schuckman
Heather Schwartz & Soul Study Group
Rachel Seligson
Rochelle & Edward Senker
Helen & Sheldron Seplowitz
Pam & Alan Shanker
Lillian & Sandy Shapiro
Leah & Rabbi Moshe Shemtov
Rosalyn Sherman
Sholom Funeral Chapel/Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home
Ronnie & Steve Sichel
Judith & David Singer
Ilene & David Siscovick
Talia & Jonathan Siscovick
Shirley & William Sklar
Diane & Elliot Sloyer
Arielle Snow
Sarah Marlowe Snow
Jessica & Eytan Sosnovich
Kathy & Gary Sosnovich
Miriam & Joshua Sperber
Amy & Samuel Sroka
Dena & Gregg Stein
Eve & Phil Steinmetz
Liba & Steven Steinmetz
Danielle & Steven Thau
Laura & Seth Tobin
Pam & Rich Vogel
Audrey Waldstreicher
Rachel & Greg Waldstreicher
Sandi & Stuart Waldstreicher
Rachel Posner & Lionel Warshauer
Annie & Jeremy Watman
Alisa & Jeremy Weisser
Sharon & Simeon Wohlberg
Neda Khaghan & Robert Yaghoubian
Shushannah & Ari Yasgur
Hillary & Robert Zitter
Navah & David Zizmor

Shavuot At CAS  Click here to view the full schedule
  • to Michael Berg on the passing of his father, Dr. Howard Berg
  • to Laura Gallant on the passing of her mother, Betty Milchman
  • to the Shklover family on the passing of Esther Shklover
For up to date shiva and contact info:
To make a memorial contribution online, and have us send an acknowledgement to the family, please click here
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Shmuel ClassMark Wagshul
ShiurDavid Held: "Contemporary Issues in Geirus"
Code of Jewish LawRabbi Yossi Kamman
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Bulletin: Roz Sherman in memory of her parents, Lillian and Harold Novick z"l, and her brother Mel Novick z"l

Senior Challah Deliveries: Marjory & Bob Abrams in memory of Bob's father, Harold Abrams' (Chaim Ben Yitzchak) yahrzeit

Sanctuary Kiddush: Marina Sapir and Alex Podelko in celebration of the birth of their granddaughter Eva Tamar Michaela
Sign Up For These Events
Upcoming Events
Literature Meets Torah Roundtable Led By Rabbi Moshe Kurtz And Dr. Richard Schwartz 
Wednesday, June 8 - 10:00 AM
Join Rabbi Moshe Kurtz and Dr. Richard Schwartz as they discuss Guy de Maupassant's masterpiece short story "The Piece of String," which explores the ramifications of defamation and improper speech. Please contact Rabbi Kurtz with any questions:
CAS Announcements
  • THE VAAD OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY IS HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT CARVEL IN PORTCHESTER (604 N MAIN ST &, RTE 1) IS NOW UNDER THEIR SUPERVISION Everything in the store is kosher to the exclusion of a few toppings marked as non kosher.
Weekday Schedule
ShacharitShacharit: Sunday 4:55 AM/9:00 AM, Monday 7:45 AM/8:45 AM, Tuesday-Friday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaMincha: Sunday-Thursday 8:10 PM, Friday 7:00 PM/8:13 PM
Candles Friday8:08 PM
SundayShavuot I
MondayShavuot II
CAS Adult Education

Join one of our CAS classes.

We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Avraham ben Sussa
  • Dov ben Pnina
  • Eliezer ben Chanah
  • Ephraim Simcha ben Yehudit Liba
  • Gitel Batya bat Tamar
  • Mayeerah Brondel bat Fayga Mahtell
  • Mordechai ben Ina
  • Nechama Bina bat Chana Leah
  • Nechama Miriam bat Devorah
  • Nessa bat Miriam
  • Nira bat Rachel
  • Raizel bat Liba Golde
  • Sheina bat Ester
  • Yaakov Eli ben Sara Fruma
  • Yehudis Chena bat Toba Rochel Rus
  • Yehudit bat Chaya Rochel
Community Announcements
  • SAR ACADEMY IS HIRING! Available positions include: Early Learning Teachers, General and Judaic Studies Head and Assistant Teachers, Executive Assistant, Specialty Staff and more! Apply at
  • SAR AND ATMOSPHERE ACADEMIES PROUDLY PRESENT A SCREENING OF A DOCUMENTARY FILM, NAMES NOT NUMBERS , featuring the stories of 8 survivors, presented by 8th grade students. Screening will take place on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 at 8:15 PM at the SAR Academy Field ( 655 West 254th Street). Please bring your own chairs and blankets. "Names Not Numbers" is a copyrighted Holocaust Oral History film documentary project created by educator Tova Fish- Rosenberg,
  • NEW JEWISH SENIOR SERVICES HOSPICE VOLUNTEER TRAINING DATES Chaifetz Family Hospice will be holding a 2-Day Hospice Training for people interested in giving their time and compassion to JSS clients in Fairfield County. Training will be held at Jewish Senior Services, 4200 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT on Sunday June 12th from 9am-5:00pm and Sunday June 26th from 9am-5:00 pm (June 26th session might be via zoom).Training materials and meals will be provided free of charge. If you would like to sign up or to learn more about hospice training, please contact Ellen Ashkins at (203) 365-6417 or by email at
  • STAMFORD CHEVRA KADISHA SPONSORED SCHOKE JFS BEREAVEMENT GROUPS Schoke JFS with a grant provided by the Stamford Chevra Kadisha has expanded the Kuriansky Family Counseling support programming for those who might need assistance before, during, or after the loss of a loved one. The Caregiver Support Group and Bereavement Support Group meet on Zoom. To join either group, please fill out the form at or call at 203-921-4161.
  • SCHOKE JFS IS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU - LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ONGOING SUPPORT GROUPS Schoke Jewish Family Service offers a wide range of support groups to meet the various needs of the community and to help families and individuals with the transitions and challenges of life. Currently, all support groups meet on Zoom. The Divorce Support Group - Mondays, 1:00 PM; Bereavement Support Group - Thursdays, 7:30 PM; Caregiver Support Groups - Every other Sunday, 11:15 AM and every other Wednesday, 7:30 PM; COVID Support - Thursdays, 4:00 PM, 1st and 3rd Thursdays; Brain Fitness Group - Mondays, 10:30 AM and Wednesdays, 10:30 AM; Healing Chair Yoga - Class schedule to be announced on the website. To join the support groups, please fill out the form at: or contact Brooke Davidson, Director of Clinical and Family Life Services at or 203-921-4161.

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