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Friday, July 22, 2022

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
PinchasShabbat MevarchinJuly 23, 202224 Tamuz 5782
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Mincha7:00 PM/8:07 PM
Candle Lighting8:02 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM/8:00 AM/9:00 AM
Latest Shema8:30 AM
Shmuel Class9:00 AM
Latest Shacharit10:00 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Code of Jewish Law7:05 PM
Mincha7:55 PM
Havdalah9:01 PM
Shabbat Shalom

I hope you and your families are doing well. God willing, Diane and I return to Stamford on Monday.

Will the Nine Days pass over us or in us? On Monday, August 7th, will we be any different?

This Thursday evening begins the Nine Days, a period of deepening mourning over the loss of the Temples and our state of exile. We believe that any generation in which the Temple is not rebuilt is as if the Temple is destroyed in our generation. What can we do to hasten redemption and peace in Israel and in the world?

Nothing is accidental and in reflecting on the power of speech as a spiritual response to this period of time, I stumbled across the final words of Matthew Fenster, of blessed memory. In Spring 2011, SAR parent Matthew Fenster z"l was dying of leukemia. He was driven to find a way to fill his remaining days with meaning. He had been writing a blog that chronicled his illness, and he published a blog post in which he made a commitment to avoid lashon hara, gossip, for the remainder of his life. He invited his readers to join in this effort, writing that it would provide him with great support and comfort during this time of unimaginable challenge. Click here to read Matt's blog post in which he described this final wish.

SAR principal Rabbi Binyamin Krauss shared the blog post and it so inspired the community that they launched a Power of Words Day that exists to this day, in partnership with Matt's wife, Jennifer Fenster. In memory of Matthew, we will also devote the Nine Days to avoiding negative speech and speaking positively. We will devote the morning and night to studying insights of the Chafetz Chaim on speech. Stay tuned for more updates and visit these resources - click here, click here, click here.

We plan a full array of programming on Tisha B'Av and will premiere the critically acclaimed film From Where They Stood on Sunday afternoon. For more information, click here.

God willing, we will harness the days ahead for personal growth and meaning and merit through our actions and reflections to witness the full redemption and no more sorrow speedily and in our days.

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Shabbat Information 
  • Learn about the Shabbat Torah Reading for Parshat Pinchas with the insights of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l - click here
  • The Haftarah is read from Jeremiah 1:1-2:3. (First of the Shalosh D'Paranusa)
  • Haftarah summary by - click here
  • Haftarah summary by Haftarah Helper - click here
  • We bless the month of Av. The Molad is July 28th, 7:32pm and 4 chalokim.
  • Rosh Chodesh is observed from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon.This marks the beginning of the Nine Days.
  • Would you like to read the Torah or Haftarah for your bar mitzvah parsha? Let us know by clicking here!
Mazal Tov
  • to Alison & Nate Pava on the birth of a baby boy, Eliot Mac/Eliyahu Michael! Mazal Tov to big sister Leah!
Celebrate with the family! Make a donation in their honor and we will send an acknowledgement to the family. Just click here
Thank You
  • to Mouschka Heller for her leadership in organizing a very meaningful event Girl Talk but Make It Torah on behalf of the Minnie Manger and Marsha Lieberman Mikvah.
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Shmuel ClassMark Wagshul
10:30 AM ShiurMichael Feldstein: "Asher Yatzar: Its Wisdom and Wondrous Nature"
Code of Jewish LawRabbi Yossi Kamman
Seudat Shlishit ShiurRabbi Moshe Kurtz
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Senior Challah Deliveries: Stella & Isaac Cohen in commemoration of Stella's mother, Harriet Levys' 10th yahrzeit

7AM Kiddush: Albert Lilienfeld in honor of Mark Wagshul

Sanctuary Kiddush: Anonymously in memory of Ruth Chaya Bas Abraham
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  • CAS FREE MEZUZAH CAMPAIGN IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT Bringing Blessings to Jewish Homes. Do you know a neighbor or a friend who lacks a mezuzah? CAS offers a free mezuzah and home visit to post this sacred scroll at the entrance to all Jewish homes in the area. For more info, contact Rabbi Cohen or Rabbi Kurtz or
  • HEALING VISITS UPDATE : Every week, we include a note about our healing visits group. As a reminder, the group consists of volunteers who give of their time to call, email or visit people in our community who are in the hospital or in recuperation. If you like to join this Mitzvah mission, please contact Rabbi Cohen at
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  • SCHOKE JFS IS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU - LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ONGOING SUPPORT GROUPS Schoke Jewish Family Service offers a wide range of support groups to meet the various needs of the community and to help families and individuals with the transitions and challenges of life. Currently, all support groups meet on Zoom. The Divorce Support Group - Mondays, 1:00 PM; Bereavement Support Group - Thursdays, 7:30 PM; Caregiver Support Groups - Every other Sunday, 11:15 AM and every other Wednesday, 7:30 PM; COVID Support - Thursdays, 4:00 PM, 1st and 3rd Thursdays; Brain Fitness Group - Mondays, 10:30 AM and Wednesdays, 10:30 AM; Healing Chair Yoga - Class schedule to be announced on the website. To join the support groups, please fill out the form at: or contact Brooke Davidson, Director of Clinical and Family Life Services at or 203-921-4161.

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