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Friday, June 21, 2013

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT  (203) 358-2200  

Mikvah 203-964-1928 /  Eruv 203-324-3955

June 22, 2013Balak

 14 Tammuz  5773 

Shabbat Schedule






Carlebach-style Kabbalat Shabbat

at the 7pm minyan




Coffee & Commentary




Future Tots/Tot Shabbat
Mini Minyan/Jr. Cong/BMC
Youth Awards Ceremony
Code of Jewish Law
Daf Yomi
Shabbat Ends
Tuesday: Fast of 17th of Ta
begins 3:33 am, ends 9:07
Perek on the Patio will begin next

CAS Quick Links

Rabbi Cohen's podcasts are now indexed. Just click a "series link" under a podcast - and you will retrieve all the podcast for that series.  Now available: 

New Rabbis'  Office Hours

Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Thursday: 8:30-9:30 am  Starbucks

1079 High Ridge Road 

 Friday: 8:45-10:00 am

Rabbi David Walk

Sunday: 10:00-11:00 am

Monday: 1 hour before mincha

Thursday: 8:00-9:00 am

   Value the power of speech. Words build or destroy. This message underscores the Parsha of Balak. Why does G-d need to put words into Bilaam's mouth?  G-d can protect the Jewish people from any curses he utters against them. Perhaps to teach us the lesson never to underestimate the value of our words. Once spoken, they exist, resonate and impact others. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote: "Life and death are in the hands of the tongue." As we approach the three weeks of mourning for the Temples in Jerusalem, consider each word. Do we bless or do we curse? Do we elevate or do we destroy? One harsh or kind word can change a life.
   In the merit of our mourning of the loss of the Temples, may we see the rebuilding speedily and in our days.
P.S.  Are you blessing your children, grandchildren or a loved one tonight, whether in person or virtually? Many people shared their thoughts in response to my blog "What It Means to be a Father."  Thanks for the feedback and please share your thoughts and the blog.
Wishing you and your familes a Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Daniel Cohen | 203-252-8252
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The holidays are "early" this year! 
Please call the office with your calendar submissions before 7/1/13.
Youth Awards Shabbat Spectacular
This SHABBAT, JUNE 22 4:15-6:00 pm
Schedule: 4:15- 5:00 pm
KIDS: Shabbat Afternoon Groups with your favorite group leaders!!!
ADULTS: Parenting lecture with Kate Cik PsyD:
Emotion Regulation-"Helping kids to develop control over their feelings and improve frustration tolerance-no more meltdowns"
5:00- 6:00 pm 
EVERYONE joins together for a Seudah Shlishit Dinner, highlighted by a
special gift awarded to every child!!!
Please sign up in advance - It's Free!
(But please consider sponsoring for $180!)

 Congregation Agudath Sholom Annual Meeting

THIS Wednesday, June 26, 2013 7:00 - 8:15 pm 

Please join us for our annual meeting and election of new officers.

*Learn about new volunteer opportunities

as some of our committee chairs will be there as well!*

 The Annual Meeting is open to all members in good standing of

Congregation Agudath Sholom.

Join the CAS Trip to Israel
November 3 - 13, 2013

with Rabbi and Diane Cohen  

Perfect for first-timers and veterans,this trip will span the breadth of Israel both ancient and modern: visiting new discoveries, learning, and participating in social action opportunities to deepen and enrich your experience with Torah and the land and people of Israel

Click here to view the CAS Israel Tour Connection website 

Click here to let Rabbi Cohen know of your interest

This trip is open to the entire community.

Mazal Tov to:

  • Janine Bahar & Gidon Katz on Dayne's Bar Mitzvah
  • Arlene & Irwin Ettinger on the B'nai Mitzvah of grandchildren Jason and Matthew Hochberg last Shabbat
  • Michal Smart on being appointed Director of Judaic Studies at Bi-Cultural Day School 
  • Sophie Handler on being a co-winner of the Helen S. and Isadore Mark Teen Leadership Award from UJF
  • Joe Zalis on receiving the Harvey A. Peltz Young Leadership Award from UJF
  • Melissa Bildner, Rachel Dayan, Eli Freedberg, Kimberly Lax, Saiid Rastegar, Burt Rubin, Kim Schweber and all the 2013 Fellows of the Behrend Institute for Leadership
  • Yospa Lieberman on the Rabbi Abraham z"l and Yospa Lieberman Award for Excellence in Jewish Education
  • Lenore & Michael Cooper on the upcoming marriage of their son Dr. Adam Cooper to Alison Fisher, daughter of Richard and Susan Fisher of Rochester Hills, MI
  • Norine & Dov Steinmetz on the recent aufruf of their son Perry Jared and his upcoming marriage to Rachel Elissa Davis, daughter of Barbara Davis
  • Tarynn Katz and her parents, Ari & Rica Lieberman, on her Shabbat Kallah and upcoming marriage to Avromi Dier. Mazal Tov to Chani & Aharon Dier of Brooklyn, and to the extended Lieberman and Dier families. 
  • Rachel & Harold Terk on the birth of a baby girl to Alyssa Terk & Denis Jablonka. Mazal Tov also to big brother Isaac.  

Condolences to:

  • the family of Morton Berger
  • the family of Eleanor Scher 
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Friday Night D'var Torah
Dayne Katz
Michael Snowbell
Mitchell Bell
Torah Readers
Dayne Katz, Sam Goldstein, Judd Love, Simcha Rubin
Dayne Katz
Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Bar Mitzvah Speech
Dayne Katz
Coffee & Commentary
Rabbi David Walk
dedicated to Esther Levy, z"l, beloved mother of Rica Lieberman, on the completion of the shloshim      Ari Lieberman
Code of Jewish Law
                                    Ari Lieberman
Seudat Shlishit
A Briefing on Strategic Positions in Israel                                                                     Dr. Efraim Inbar
Thanks to this Week's Sponsors...
Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages

Belle Miller, and Lisa, Abbey and Neile on the 9th yahrtzeit of their husband and father Arthur Miller; Mr. & Mrs. David Kaplan in memory of Ziporah Freedberg;

 the Linda Beson Nursing Educational Fund

Chapel Kiddush
Robert Indyk in observance of the 50th yahrtzeit of his father Sidney Indyk, as well as  the celebrations of Ari and Hofit's first anniversary, Shoshana's graduating
magna cum laude from the University of Maryland, and his own milestone birthday
Sanctuary Kiddush
Janine Bahar & Gidon Katz in honor of Dayne's Bar Mitzvah;
enhanced by Anne Peskin and her children, Carin, Lee, and Lisa, commemorating the 3rd Yahrzeit of Bernard Peskin, Berel Avram ben Moshe 
Seudat Shlishit
Pearl Zelma commemorating the first yahrtzeit of her father, Rudy Dresdner
Weekday Schedule

Daf Yomi

Sunday 7:45 am, Monday-Friday 7:00 am


Sunday 7:15/8:30 am, Monday-Friday 6:30/7:30 am

Weekday Mincha
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday,Thursday 8:20 pm
17th of Tammuz
Tuesday:  fast begins 3:33 am, mincha 8:05 pm, fast ends 9:07 pm

Candles Next Friday

8:13 pm
CAS Summer Classes

Rabbi Walk: (all at CAS) Starting this Week

Sunday: Bible from the Beginning - 9:15-10:00 am

Monday: Parsha - noon

Tuesday: Psalms - 9:00 am

Wednesday: Meditation - 9:00 am

Thursday: Guide to the Siddur - 9:00 am

Thursday: Masechet Megilla - 1 hour before mincha 

Rabbi Cohen:

Friday: Taste of Torah - 8:15 am 


Special Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Cohen, July 9, noon, at Temple Sholom, Greenwich
Rabbi Cohen's Classes This Week
Tuesday Power of the Prophets 
 8:15 am
Friday Taste of Torah
 8:15 am

Summer Flicks with Rabbi Walk

Join Rabbi Walk  at CAS for these features. 

Showtimes 7:30 pm Wednesdays.  No charge!

July 3-Sarah's Key (description from Wikipedia):

Sarah's Key follows an American journalist's present-day investigation into the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of Jews in German-occupied Paris in 1942. It tells the story of young girl Sarah's experiences during and after these events, illustrating the participation of the French bureaucracy while also showing how other French citizens hid and protected Sarah from Vichy France authorities. The film alternates between Sarah's life in 1942 and the journalist researching the story in 2009.

Young Couples

Shabbat, July 20, 2013, 4 pm-The Young Couples Committee is hosting Shabbat dessert at the Shabbas Park/Belltown Park. Please join us with store-bought desserts or snacks. Feel free to bring a picnic blanket along with your desserts or snacks. All food will be shared amongst the group, so be sure that the items you have purchased have the proper kosher hechsher or that baked goods/ desserts are from kosher bakeries. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Tobin at


This weekend....

Mazal Tov to Dayne on his Bar Mitzvah

Shabbat -Year end AWARDS AFTERNOON program - 4:15-6:00 pm featuring:
o   Afternoon Groups with your favorite leaders
o   Nekudot YEAR END AUCTION.. bring all of your NEKUDOT!  

o   Adult Lecture: Our very own Kate Cik, Psy.D. Child Psychologist-"Emotion Regulation: Helping kids to develop control over their feelings and improve frustration tolerance - no more meltdowns"

o   Light dinner for all

o   Youth Awards   Sign up here


Tot Shabbat, Mini Minyan and Jr.Cong. all summer long.  All other groups - see you in September!


If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" in their honor, please email me at 

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Jeiger

We wish the following people a Refuah Sheleima. Please have them in your prayers: 
If you would like to add a name for this month, click here

Dov ben Malka, Pinchas ben Leeba, Zahava bat Chaya Sara, Boruch ben Polina, Natalie Chana Chaya bat Aviva, Rivka bat Rose,

Chaim Yisroel ben Gittel Malka, Yocheved Chana bat Leah OsneZechariya Eliyahu ben Ayelet Naomi, Meyer Leib ben Shayna Reisel, Shemuel Simcah ben Channah, Zev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel, Refael Ephraim ben Sima,
 Michal Fraida Chava bat Yita Shandel
Please recite psalm 47 for Marlene Gatz, a BCDS mother battling cancer. The text is here.

Community Announcements

THE MIKE MILE-Sunday Morning, June 23, 2013 at High Ridge Park in Stamford,  Family 1 mile walk/run to support research for CIDP, a rare autoimmune disorder that has afflicted Michael Rothman.  For more information, please visit the website at for information on CIDP.  To sign up directly for The Mike Mile you can go to 

CAMOS (Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford)-Sunday, August 4th, noon. Annual Summer Sunday in Stamford program. It's a great way to visit the community in a relaxed way, and meet other like minded families who already live in the Stamford community. If you know any families who are considering a move to Stamford, please encourage them to get in touch with Miriam Sperber, and she will provide them with all of the information.

LIFE TRANSITIONS-Wednesdays at 11:30 am beginning June 19. Ongoing support group for the unemployed at the Stamford JFS office, 733 Summer Street, 6th Floor. The focus of the group is to provide a forum to discuss and explore the concerns and issues related to job loss and to find alternative solutions for career satisfaction. The group is a collaborative effort between JFS Counseling and Employment & Training Departments. To register or for more information, please contact Rebekah Kanefsky at 203-921-4161 or email at 


CAS Sisterhood Gift Shop

Summer Hours 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-3:00 pm

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