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Friday, September 10, 2021

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
Shabbat Shuva
September 11, 20215 Tishrei 5782
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Candle Lighting6:53 PM
Mincha6:58 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM/8:00 AM/9:00 AM
Latest Shema9:41 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Latest Shacharit10:44 AM
Mincha6:40 PM
Shabbat Ends7:52 PM
Shabbat Shalom

We hope you and your families enjoyed an uplifting Rosh Hashanah. We look forward to God willing a very special first Shabbat of the year. A ruach Friday night davening will be led in the chapel this evening by Menachem Kirschner accompanied by his sons Jakie and Ari as well as Musaf in the main sanctuary. As a reminder, the 7 AM minyan will be in the Manger Beit Midrash on the second floor of the new education wing, the 8 AM will meet in the chapel and there will be a 9 AM in the main sanctuary and in the tent.

Our hearts are with the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 20 years ago. We will offer a prayer in the memory on Shabbat morning as well as for the safety of our first responders.

Please join me for the Shabbat Shuva Drasha at 5:50 PM in the chapel on Shabbat afternoon on the topic of "Butterflies and Blessings: Are We Worthy of Creation?"

Thank you to Judith Bernstein for chairing Reverse Tashlich this Sunday and Meg and Liam Haron for chairing our High Holiday Food Drive to support the Freedberg Kosher Food Pantry. Get more information on these, sign up for Sukkot Across Agudath and all our upcoming events below.

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatimah Tovah!

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Current COVID Guidelines as of August 12th, 2021 click here to view

High Holiday Parking 
There will be no parking on the CAS Campus, unless you have a handicapped placard AND contact the office in advance for pre-approval

The parking spaces on Colonial Road will be marked for Drop Off Only. Parking is available at St. Bridget's Church across from CAS on Strawberry Hill and the Strawberry Hill School on the corner of Fifth Street and Strawberry Hill Avenue (one block from CAS).

DO NOT PARK - In the past, a number of members have parked on Boxwood Drive. We encourage our members to not park there this year. Additionally, please do not park in any of the condo/townhouse parking areas or the Queen of Clergy retirement home as your car will be towed.

Pre-Shabbat Virtual Opportunities at CAS  
  1. Community Prayers for Healing with Rabbi Kurtz, Friday at 4:40 PM - - password: 015824
  2. Studies for the Soul with Rabbi Kurtz, Friday at 4:50 PM - - password: 015824
  3. Join Rabbi Cohen's Living Torah Moment and Rabbi Kurtz's Daily Peninei Halacha

Shabbat Information 
  • Learn about the Shabbat Torah Reading for Parshat Vayeilech with the insights of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l - click here
  • Haftarah for Shabbos Shuva - summary by - click here
  • Haftarah for Shabbos Shuva - summary by Haftarah Helper - click here
  • The Haftarah is read from Hosea 14:2-10 (Shuva Yisrael.)
  • Please remember to continue inserting the special additions for the 10 Days of Repentance.
  • We omit Vehi Noam on Saturday night due to Yom Kippur taking place this coming week.
  • Mark Wagshul will be giving his shiur on the Samuel following the 7 AM minyan
  • Rabbi Dr. Jeff Cahn will give the 10:30 shiur

Rabbi Cohen's Rosh Hashanah Sermon  The World is a Narrow Bridge

Welcome  to new members Alex & Erin Failaev and their family!

Best wishes  to the Agudath Sholom softball team as they defend the Kiddush Cup this Sunday!

Full Holiday Schedule  click here
Sunday, September 12
Graveside Service - Old Cemetery: 9:20 AM
Graveside Service - New Cemetery: 9:45 AM
Graveside Service - Independant Lodge: 10:30 AM
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Senior Challah Deliveries: Joseph Mittel in memory of Salli and Martha Mittel
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Sign Up For These Events
Lulav Etrog Sets
Friday, September 17
Young Couples Committee Summer Soiree
Shabbat, September 11 - 9:00 PM
4th Annual Reverse Tashlich Beach Cleanup
Sunday, September 12 - 10:00 AM
CAS Youth Sukkot Prep Party
Sunday, September 19 - 9:30 AM
Senior Sukkot Brunch
Thursday, September 23 - 10:30 AM
Craft Beer Tasting in the Sukkah
Thursday, September 23 - 8:00 PM
Sukkot Across Agudath
Shabbat, September 25
CAS Crash Course to Read Hebrew
Monday, October 4 - 7:30 PM
CAS Movie Club
Sunday, October 10 - 8:00 PM
Womens Book Club
Wednesday, October 6 - 8:15 PM
Upcoming Events
Laugh, Learn....Lchaim! 
Thursday, October 7
Grab a drink and join our new Young Couples group to socialize, gain a deeper connection to our CAS community, and share in group discussions. Led by Rabbi Daniel and Diane Cohen.Chaired by Rachel and Greg Waldstreicher For more information and to RSVP, contact Rachel at or Rabbi Cohen at
Weekday Schedule
ShacharitShacharit: Sunday 7:00 AM/8:30 AM, Monday-Wednesday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM, Thursday 8:45 AM/9:00 AM, Friday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaMincha: Sunday-Tuesday 6:50 PM, Wednesday 3:00 PM, Thursday 4:45 PM, Friday 6:46 PM
Candles Friday6:41 PM
Rabbi Office Hours
Update on Rabbi Cohen's & Rabbi Kurtz's Open Office HoursOpen Office Hours are an opportunity to drop by to see our Rabbis without an appointment. They will be available in their office for guidance or a chat. Rabbis will not schedule meetings during these hours, which will be held around the same time each week. Call the office to confirm Rabbi Cohen or Rabbi Kurtz are not attending to an urgent matter outside the synagogue. Open Office Hour Times for this Week
Rabbi Daniel Cohen
  • Tuesday, September 14, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM at Beldotti Bakeries, 605 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06905, USA
  • Friday, September 17, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM at Humbled Coffeehouse, 575 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907, USA
Rabbi Moshe Kurtz
  • Monday, September 13, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM at CAS
CAS Adult Education

Join one of our CAS classes.

We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Avraham Shimon ben Chana
  • Dov ben Pnina
  • Elena Blasser
  • Elena Chavez
  • Eliezer ben Chana
  • Esther Malcah bat Itzik
  • Friedel bat Esther
  • Hanna bat Sonya
  • Hanna bat Yehudit
  • Hertzeleah Tova bat Shoshana Leah
  • Nahum ben Tzilya
  • Nechama Miriam bat Devorah
  • Nessa bat Miriam
  • Nira bat Rachel
  • Refael Ephraim ben Sima
  • Shim Shome ben Miriam
  • Shmuel Dovid ben Malca
  • Tanner Garcia
  • Vigdor ben Rosa
  • Yaakov Ben Chaya ben Sarah
  • Yair ben Rachel
Community Announcements
  • REMEMBERING 9/11 Friday, September 10th at Noon, September 11th Commemoration: Twenty Years - Join for a Jewish Community-Wide Virtual Commemoration Ceremony. No fee: Registration required:
  • THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY EDUCATION (CCE) AT BCHA announces a High Holiday program on Zoom featuring shiurim by Rabbi Tzvi Bernstein and Yaakov Faratci, on Monday, September 13th at 8pm. Register at
  • JOIN THE FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE TEEN KICKOFF open to 9-12th graders in Fairfield County. September 12, from 4:30-6:30 PM, in Stamford. Have fun with fellow high-schoolers and hear from Jesse Saperstein, best-selling author of "Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road." Visit for more details.
  • UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION, THE INTERFAITH COUNCIL OF SOUTHWEST CONNECTICUT AND THE MAYOR'S MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO "WALK FOR UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY" October 10th (raindate October 17th) at Cove Island Park, 12:30-3:30. The importance of unity, friendship and peace has never been more important. Participants are invited to walk around the main circle at the park and then gather for a self-provided picnic lunch and get to know new friends and neighbors. Registration is required at: All CDC COVID-19 guidelines will be observed. For more information, please contact Sharon Lewis, Director, JCRC,
Kosher Advisories
  • KOSHER ALERTS The OU reminds you to always check the label before purchasing any item that needs kosher certification! And for the latest corrective actions, stay up with the latest OU KOSHER CONSUMER ALERTS & ADVISORIES...just click here
  • KOSHER ADVISORY Breaking news from the OU - newly certified items! to check out the list click here

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