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Friday, September 13, 2013

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat/Yom Kippur Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT  (203) 358-2200  

Mikvah 203-964-1928 /  Eruv 203-324-3955

September 14, 2013
Yom Kippur

 10 Tishrei 5774

Yom Kippur Schedule






Kol Nidrei


Fast Begins


Mini Minyan/Jr. Cong





Yizkor in Sanctuary
Tot Shabbat/Mini Minyan/ Jr. Cong/B'nai Mizvah Club
Daf Yomi  
Explanatory YK Service 
Sanctuary Mincha
Chapel Mincha
Blessing of the Children
Havdalah/Fast Ends
Friday-Erev Yom Kippur
Saturday-Yom Kippur
Wednesday-Erev Sukkot
The Men's Mikvah is open
Erev Yom Kippur 
from 6 am - 4 pm.
Please bring your own towel.
The fee for usage is $10.00.

CAS Quick Links

If you have a child who is studying in Israel for the year, Rabbi Cohen would love to keep in touch. Please send your child's phone number and email to
Free Yom Kippur Services
at CAS with Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Saturday, September 14, 4-5 pm:

Register online

One hour of your time will make a difference.
Please contact Elisheva at if you can assist.
$100 Gift Certificate to KOSH
Look for the red box!

   People often ask, "How was your Rosh Hashanah?" Thank G-d, we experience meaningful holidays but the answer will fully be revealed over the next year. As we approach the culmination of the High Holidays with Yom Kippur, we are afforded another day to insure we are sealed next year for the Book of Life. G-d willing, we will harness the sanctity of the day for repentance, prayer and charity.  

   Thank you for your generosity to our Kippur Appeal and if you have not yet done so, you can contribute via this link.

   May G-d grant you and your families a year filled with health, joy and many blessings and may we all be sealed in the Book of Life this year.


G'mar Chatimah Tovah! 

Rabbi Daniel Cohen | 203-252-8252 Rabbi Cohen's podcasts 

***One of the highlights of the year at CAS is the annual Blessing of the Children moments before the shofar is blown. Please bring your children to this event on Yom Kippur night. Rather than congregate on the bima during maariv, we ask you to send your children to the Bennet Simcha Room at 7:30 PM. They will be escorted into the shul at the completion of maariv for the Blessing and then given light sticks for havdalah followed by the shofar blast.  G-d willing, we will all be blessed for a sweet New Year! 


Chairs: Jessie and David Brand

Youth Chairs: Tamar Cohen, Rachelle Guy, Gabriella Lieberman and Jennifer Steinmetz

  • Please return the requested food, in bags, to the Shul lobby coat closet.
  • Delivery of donated items to JFS will take place on Sunday, September 22.
Suggested Kosher Grocery List:

*cereal *peanut butter *jelly/jam *canned vegetables *canned fruit *canned

soups (not broth) *canned tuna *canned salmon *canned beans *pasta &
 sauce *rice *applesauce *dry milk *pancake mix and syrup *juice
*jello/pudding *coffee and tea *Shabbat candles * hotel/sample size toiletries
 For questions, please contact Event Chairs Jessie and David Brand

 at or call Agudath Sholom at (203) 358-2200

Thank you for your support and Shana Tova!

Help us decorate the CAS Sukkah
This Sunday, September 15 at 9:30 am
Hot chocolate, bagels & fun in the CAS Sukkah
with Morah Chemda Parhi and the new Israeli shluchot!

For information, click here! 


Wednesday, September 18

Candles                                     6:39 pm
Mincha                                               6:44 pm
Thursday, September 19-Day 1

Shacharit                          7:45/8:45 am
Daf Yomi                                            5:50 pm
Mincha                                      6:40 pm
Candles                            not before 7:38 pm
Friday, September 20-Day 2

Shacharit                          7:45/8:45 am
Daf Yomi                                            5:50 pm
Mincha                                     6:40 pm
Candles                                              6:36 pm
Ba'al Tefila:                         
 Chazzan Rafael Bokow                          
Shabbat, September 21
Shacharit                          7:45/8:45 am
Kohelet                                               9:45 am
Sukkah Hopping                    4-5:30 pm
Daf Yomi                                            5:40 pm
Mincha                                     6:30 pm
Havdalah                                            7:36 pm
We are looking forward to a wonderful holiday. Please join us on Thursday, Friday and Shabbat for kiddushim in the sukkah, as well as Shabbat seudah shlishit.  We will not be hosting the Sukkah sushi event on Sunday, but our Sukkah is open for anyone during the week of Chol Hamoed.
Lulav/Etrog Pick Up Dates:
Sunday, September 15, 8 pm - 10 pm   |    Monday, September 16, 9 am - 3 pm

Mazal Tov to:

  • Robin & Edward Milstein on the engagement of their son Edward to Carly Smith
  • Evan R. Bernstein on his appointment as New York Regional Director of the ADL

Thank You to:

  • Margie Abrams for organizing Sukkot Across Agudath, as well as to all those who will be hosting next Shabbat
  • Doris Weiss for designing the beautiful bulletin board in the youth wing 

Condolences to:

  • Keith and Andrew Silver on the passing of their beloved father and grandfather, Irving
  • the family of Betsy Polakoff on her passing
  • David Brand on the passing of his beloved grandmother, Helen Sabov
  • Avi Abikzer, owner of Genadeen Caterers and former proprietor of the JCC Cafe, on the passing of his beloved mother, Rivka 
  • Stuart Waldstreicher on the passing of his beloved father, Elliot
  • Jonathan Pollack on the passing of his beloved mother, Claire Blackman

Yom Kippur Topics and Participants

Ba'alei Tefillah
Cantor Jerry Markovitz, Sandy Shapiro, Steven Cohen, Michael Feldstein
Head UsherElisheva Kilner
Torah Readers                                                                              Ethan Green, Jay Jubas
Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Rabbi David Walk
Thanks to this Week's Sponsors...
Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages

the Linda Beson Nursing Educational Fund

Sanctuary bima flowers
the Grogins Family in memory of Susan Grogins, loving wife, mother and nana
Sanctuary stand flowers
Carol & Michael Rosmarin in honor of their grandchildren
Danielle Spitz, Stella Spitz, Jake Spitz, Emma Daffner and Justin Daffner

Chapel flowers

the Zitter family in memory of Joseph and Matilda Esbit

Weekday Schedule


Friday 6:15 am

Daf Yomi

Sunday 7:30 am, Monday-Wednesday 7:00 am


Sunday 7:15/8:30 am, Monday-Wednesday 6:30/7:30 am, Thursday-Friday 7:45/8:45 am

Weekday Mincha
Sunday-Tuesday 6:55 pm, Wednesday 6:44 pm, Thursday-Friday 6:40 pm
Candles Next Wednesday
6:39 pm

CAS Announcements

Coming Soon...
Former Orthodox Union President STEPHEN J. SAVITSKY
Shabbat, October 4-5  
  • Friday night dinner and presentation: Will We Fail or Seize the Moment? The Future of American Orthodoxy. Dinner - 7:15 pm. $25 adult and $15 for children 12 and under

  • Shabbat Sermon: The Torah's Secret Mitzvah for Success

  • Seudah Shlishit: Being an Observant Jew: Burden or Privilege?

Young Couples Evening Out at Kosh
Saturday, October 12 at 8:15 pm
Please join the Young Couples for a night out at Kosh.
Come join us for appetizers or dinner.

Simchat Torah

Join us for a long-standing CAS tradition...

Be a sponsor...

Simchat Torah Lunch, Friday, September 27

Sponsorship Levels: 

$180 Platinum | $100 Gold | $50 Silver

Click here to sign up! 

This year, any remaining proceeds will benefit the shul kiddush fund

and extra food will be delivered to a local shelter 

Platinum Sponsors:

Rachel & Nimrod Dayan

Judy & Howard Goldstein

Maria & Glenn Reicin

Barbara & Harry Webski

Gary & Gail Weitz

Hillary & Robert Zitter

Gold Sponsors:

Darona & Tzvi Bernstein

Jodi & Richard Boxer

Rachel & Ephraim Cohen

Stephanie & Howard Fogel

Jill & Arthur Green

Rachel & Jay Jubas

Flora & Carl Kaufman

Yospa Lieberman

Toby Schaffer

Ivy & Marvin Schildkraut

Sandi & Stuart Waldstreicher

Silver Sponsors:

Janet & Andrew Bein

Karen & Ira Berk

Sharon & Michael Feldstein

Miriam & Joseph Gelb

Tricia & Rob Hoff

Monica & Eric Jankelovits

Janine Bahar & Gidon Katz  

Toby Lazarus & Allan Lichtenberg

Vered & Mark Links

Janice & Jake Meyer

Kori & Bill Meyers

Rona Orenstein-Moskowitz & David Moskowitz

Cara & Elliot Neumann

Beverly & David Stein

Liba & Steven Steinmetz

CAS Free Mezuzah Campaign in Fairfield County, CT

Bringing Blessings to Jewish Homes | Do you know a neighbor or a friend who lacks a mezuzah?

Share this video link:

CAS is offering a free mezuzah and home visit to post this sacred scroll at the entrance to all Jewish homes in the area.
For more info, contact Rabbi Cohen:

CAS Classes

Rabbi Walk:

Sunday: Bible from the Beginning  9:15-10:00 am

Monday: Sukkot 12:20-1:10 pm BCDS Rm. 136
Tuesday: A Shady Sukkah 
7:30 pm preceded by office hours at 6:30 pm

Thursday: Masechet Megilla after mincha



Shana Tova u'Metuka!
Yom Kippur groups for all ages
(includes a light lunch-please pick up your child promptly!)
*Please sign your child up for groups again even if you already have in past years.  We will be following new safety protocols and as such we need you to sign up your children here.


After Kol Nidrei

Mini Minyan (Age 3- Grade 1)-Youth Classroom          

Jr. Congregation (Grades 2-4)-*Library*                  

Yom Kippur Day

Tot Shabbat (Toddlers-Age 3)-Library                      10:30 am-1:30 pm 

Mini Minyan (Age 3- Grade 1)-Youth Classroom           10:30 am-1:30 pm

Jr. Congregation (Grades 2-4)-*Sukkah*                    10:30 am-1:30 pm

B'nai Mitzvah Club (Grades 5-6)-Cantor's Office       10:30 am-1:30 pm


If you or your teens have not been receiving the special Teen emails, please contact

The next Teen event is the TEEN FISHING TRIP (grades 7-12),

September 15, 3:30-9:00 pm with a prize awarded to the person who catches the biggest fish!   Sign up here.

An Action Packed September...

15 - Decorate our Shul Sukkah - 9:30-10:30 am join Morah Chemda Parhi and our new Israeli girls for decorating and a bagel and chocolate milk breakfast for all volunteers.  (All ages are invited) Click here to see. 

15 - Teen Fishing Trip (grades 7-12) 3:30-9:00 pm. Sign up online.

19 - 21 Sukkot/ Shabbat Chol Hamoed - Groups for all ages 10:30 until the conclusion of shul.

21 - Sukkah Hop - 4-5:30 pm - Learning, stories and snacks with your favorite leaders. 

26 -28  Simchat Torah/ Shabbat - enjoy special early youth Hakafot for the younger children, special Youth Hakafot during the adult Hakafot for the older children, candies, snacks, treats and so much more.


If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment

by sponsoring a special "kiddush" in their honor, contact me at


Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger

We wish the following people a Refuah Sheleima. Please have them in your prayers: 
If you would like to add a name for this month, click here

Moshe Adam ben Rachel , an IDF  lone soldier in a coma, Maryashe bat Maryashe, Penina Esther bat Devorah, Avraham ben Chana, Mila bat Frida, Perel bat Chaya, Pinchas ben Leeba, Zahava bat Chaya Sara, Boruch ben Polina, Natalie Chana Chaya bat Aviva,

 Rivka bat Rose, Chaim Yisroel ben Gittel Malka, Yocheved Chana bat Leah Osne,Zechariya Eliyahu ben Ayelet Naomi,

Meyer Leib ben Shayna Reisel, Shemuel Simcah ben Channah, Zev Mordechai ben Chaya GittelRefael Ephraim ben Sima,

 Michal Fraida Chava bat Yita ShandelPlease recite psalm 47 for Marlene Gatz, a BCDS mother battling cancer. The text is here.

Community Announcements 

SPIN-A-THON FUND RAISER FOR CANCER RESEARCH-Sunday, September 15th at the JCC. Spin with Israeli Tom Peled who will stop in Stamford in his biking odyssey from Toronto to DC in memory of his dad who perished of cancer. Spin 1, 2 or 3 hours. 8:00 am to 11:00 am. All funds to Israel Cancer Research Fund. Fun for a serious purpose. For info: David Kweskin at, (203) 321-1006.
THE RACE TO COLLEGE- Mondays, September 30., November 4. and December 2 at 5:30 pm. Pre-planning for college for 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders and their parents conducted by Claire Friedlander, Jewish Family Service College Consultant at Harry Bennett Branch of Ferguson Library, 115 Vine Road, Stamford. Free and open to the community. For more information, contact Claire Friedlander at or call 203-921-4161.
-Monday, October 7th, 6:30-8:30 pm, at Whole Foods Market, 150 Ledge Road, Darien. In partnership with Whole Foods Market of Darien and the Stamford JCC, JFS will be presenting this seminar to address issues in general health and well-being through four, thirty-minute presentations by guest speakers, followed by questions from the attendees. Presented in loving memory of Netta Stern, former JFS Psychotherapist and Director of Clinical Services. Free to the community. For more information, contact Eve Moskowitz, JFS Director of Clinical Services at 203-921-4161 or email at

2013 LOUIS J. KURIANSKY ANNUAL CONFERENCE-Tuesday, October 22, 7-9:00 pm. Scholar-in-Residence The Most Reverend Monsignor David M. Jaeger, Prelate Auditor of the Roman Rota and long-time liaison between the Vatican and Israel. Msgr. Jaeger's keynote, My Twenty Years Negotiating Between the Vatican and Israel: Lessons for Peace in the Land, will be followed by an interfaith discussion with local religious leaders (including Rabbi Hammerman from Temple Beth El) entitled, The Role of Religion in a Secular Society. There will be a preconference community reception and supper (Kosher) at 6:00 pm. $5 lecture/$20 lecture & supper. Free for local students, educators, and non-profit professionals, but advance registration required. More info: (203) 251-9525/0184 or

LINKING GENERATIONS OF THE SHOAH-Our 2nd Generation Group began in July 2012.  We are a group of approximately fifty members ranging in age from 40 and up and we come from all over CT and Westchester County.  Our monthly meetings take place in Westport, CT (usually at the UJA offices) every second Tuesday of the month.  Spouses of 2G members as well as 3rd Generation often attend our general meetings. In our first year of existence, we have made great strides. In addition to creating our mission statement, "To honor the spirit and courage of our parents and those who perished or survived and rebuilt their lives. And to remember them and dedicate in their honor good works and healing deeds to benefit and enlighten future generations so the horrors of the Shoah will never be revisited upon humanity"  we are also exploring and sharing the unique experiences, awareness, bonds, burdens, and  responsibilities that come with being Children of Holocaust survivors.  As we journey into our second year together, we realize even more how much great community depends on great conversation and that we are witnesses in ourselves to something far greater than ourselves.Please come and join us.  For further contact information call: Ann Cohn at 203-762-0058(home) or 203-984-6667(cell)

LIFE TRANSITIONS-Wednesdays at 11:30 am. Ongoing support group for the unemployed at the Stamford JFS office, 733 Summer Street, 6th Floor. The focus of the group is to provide a forum to discuss and explore the concerns and issues related to job loss and to find alternative solutions for career satisfaction. The group is a collaborative effort between JFS Counseling and Employment & Training Departments. To register or for more information, please contact Rebekah Kanefsky at 203-921-4161 or email at  


CAS Sisterhood Gift Shop

 We have Honey Dishes, Etrog Boxes, and Havdalah Sets


Gift Shop Hours Next Week

Sunday: 9-11 am, Tuesday: 12-2 pm

(We will be closed September 18-30)

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