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Friday, July 30, 2021

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin
EikevJuly 31, 202122 Av 5781
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Mincha7:00 PM/7:59 PM
Candle Lighting7:54 PM
Shacharit7:00 AM/8:00 AM/9:00 AM
Latest Shema9:25 AM
Latest Shacharit10:37 AM
Mincha7:50 PM
Maariv8:48 PM
Shabbat Ends8:53 PM
Shabbat Shalom

Thank God, we are sharing many semachot in the weeks ahead. We wish a warm Mazal Tov to all of the families.

Thank you to Mitchell Bell and her stellar committee listed below for organizing a fantastic Celebrate Life BBQ! Sam Goldstein, Audrey Waldsteicher, Arlene Gewanter, Roz Mangot, Judith Jelen, Bruce Newman, Sima Brosa, Richard Schwartz, David Kweskin, Shira Zucker, Mitch Zucker, Howard Weiss, Yolly and Yaakov.

Thank you to Ari Goldstein, Josh Sperber, Yoni Miller, Yonnie Rubinfeld for organizing a very successful Guys Night Out - Steak and Scotch event.

Sign up for the Senior Afternoon Event in the Tent on Thursday, August 12th featuring a Sing Along with the Piano and Ruach Man - Jonathan Cahr! All seniors are invited for a fun afternoon of food, socializing and a special program. Hosted by the CAS Chesed Committee. RSVP below.

Save the date of Sunday, August 29th at 5:30 PM for our Chanukat Habayit, dedication of our newly renovated shul. Look for more details in the weeks ahead.

If you are new to the area and would like to learn more about joining CAS, please reach out to me, Matt, our executive director, or Meg Haron, membership chair at We look forward to welcoming you to the CAS community.

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Current COVID Guidelines as of May 20th, 2021 
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Pre-Shabbat Virtual Opportunities at CAS  
  1. Community Prayers for Healing with Rabbi Kurtz, Friday at 4:40 PM - - password: 015824
  2. Studies for the Soul with Rabbi Kurtz, Friday at 4:50 PM - - password: 015824
  3. Join Rabbi Cohen's Living Torah Moment and Rabbi Kurtz's Daily Peninei Halacha

Shabbat Information 
  • Learn about the Shabbat Torah Reading for Parshat Ekev with the insights of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l - click here
  • Haftarah for Ekev- Shabbos Nachamu - summary by - click here
  • Haftarah for Ekev- Shabbos Nachamu - summary by Haftarah Helper - click here
  • The Haftarah is read from Isaiah 49:14-51:3 (Second of the Shiva D'Nechemta - Seven Haftaros of Consolation.)
  • COVID-19 Related: Individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated must wear a mask inside the shul at all times. All participants at outdoor services may opt to not wear a mask. Please make sure to review the rest of our updated guidelines.

Welcome   New Members Benjamin Ratzersdorfer & Nicki Kornbluth!
  • to Arlene Ettinger on the passing of her beloved husband, Irwin Ettinger
  • to Sammy Karow on the passing of her mother Joanne Karow Steichel
For up to date shiva and contact info:
To make a memorial contribution online, and have us send an acknowledgement to the family, please click here
Mazal Tov
  • to Karen and Ira Berk on the occasion of Aaron's aufruf and his forthcoming marriage to Stacie Lane!
  • to Diane and Rabbi Daniel Cohen on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Michal to Yishai Zwiren!
  • to Darona and Rabbi Tzvi Bernstein on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Franni to Josh Nagel!
  • to Janet and Andrew Bein on the engagement of their son, Warren Zachary to Gabriella Pereira-Feron, daughter of Dione Pereira and Robert Feron of Silver Spring, Maryland!
  • to Shery Hertzberg and Adina & Steven Adelman on the arrival of a granddaughter and niece!
Celebrate with the family! Make a donation in their honor and we will send an acknowledgement to the family. Just click here
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Kiddushim: Co-sponsored by Karen & Ira Berk in honor of Aaron's aufruf and upcoming marriage to Stacie Lane and Meira & Joe Scheiner in honor of their daughter, Lily Rose

Senior Challah Deliveries: Irwin Niedober in memory of his mother, Marilyn Niedober's yahrzeit
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Shabbat Shalom
Yoetzet Update 2021 Dena Block will continue to serve as the CAS Steinmetz, Bernstein, Alexander Yoetzet Halacha for the Stamford Community for the coming year in partnership with Rivka Alter, current Yoetzet Halacha for the Riverdale Yoetzet Initiative. God willing, the following year, we will transition to a Yoeztet living in Stamford. Dena can be reached at 201-921-8992 and Rivka at 303-725-8527. Full information can be found here.
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ShacharitShacharit: Sunday 7:15 AM/8:30 AM, Monday-Friday 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaMincha: Sunday-Thursday 7:55 PM, Friday 7:00 PM
Candles Friday7:46 PM
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We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Avi Chaim ben Penina
  • Avraham Shimon ben Chana
  • Dov ben Pnina
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