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Friday, January 20, 2012

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT  (203) 358-2200

January 20, 2012

26 Tevet 5772

Shabbat Schedule


Song of Songs









Coffee & Comentary


Main Sanctuary





Future Tots 

Parent Led

 (Bridal Room)


Tot Shabbat


Mini-minyan (Youth Room) 


Jr. Congregation (Chapel)


Jr. Teen Chat (Social Hall) 





Daf Yomi


Shabbat Ends


CAS Quick Links

Sponsor a kiddush

CAS Youth Pages

Shabbat Shalom 

Parents with children attending Jr. Cong. Shabbaton

Check the full schedule of events below for the complete Shabbat schedule!  


 Classes this week

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Tuesday: Power of the Prophets                     8:15 - 9:00 am

Tuesday: Three Rabbis - Greenwich Reform Synagogue, 257 Stanwich Road, Greenwich CT              12:00-1:00 pm 

Friday: The Pre-Shabbos Torah Taste                8:15-8:45 am


Rabbi David Walk

Sunday Bible from the Beginning                          9:15 am

Tuesday Messiah in the Middle Ages                   7:30 pm

Thursday Talmud Class                                         7:30 pm


This Shabbat...

Women's Tefillah - service this Shabbat morning, at 9:45 Led by women, for women, this service is always particularly meaningful and enjoyable.We invite daughters & mothers  to be a part of it for an aliyah, leading a prayer, or simply as a member of our intimate congregation.


Kiddush Conversation Table - with Norine Krasnagor, Topic: Israel Advocacy Project - Standing with Israel

Cholent Challenge - Hosted by, Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Walk and the Men's Club, in the Social Hall.  Come join the fun! 


Rabbi Cohen's Open Office Hours

Mondays 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM - @ Congregation Agudath Sholom

Tuesdays 11:00 AM - 12 PM- @ Congregation Agudath Sholom

Thursdays 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM - @ Starbucks - 1079 High Ridge Road


If you want to check in before dropping by, feel free to call the office (203-358-2200) or my cell phone (203-252-8252), or email


 Winter CAS Events:

Info & sign up @

  • SHABBAT - February 11 4 PM What the Dead Sea Scrolls Can Tell Us About the Torah, Professor James Kugel from Harvard University 
  •  SHABBAT, February 18 - Rabbi Paysach Krohn, "Tefila: Making the Connection" 
    Seudat shlishi talk (between mincha and maariv at approximately 5PM) - "The I Generation (iPod, iPhone, and iPad): From Self-Involvement to Self-Improvement
  • Chevra Kadisha Dinner, March 1, 6 pm Shabbat Special guest speaker: Rabbi Steven Weil, Executive Director of the Orthodox Union.  Look for invitations in your mailbox soon.  For more information, please contact Phyllis Shapiro at 
  • Shabbat Across America,  March 2, Friday night, Elana Stein Hain, dinner catering by KOSH. 

Purim is Around the Corner!

Wednesday & Thursday March 7 - 8th: Purim night, performance by Shlock Rock! Communal Purim Seudah with Agudath Sholom and Young Israel at the JCC - Fun for all! 

Check out Shlock Rock Performance! Click Here to View! 


Rabbi Cohen's Reccomended Websites of Interest for Learning

Stay tuned for more suggestions! 


Shabbat Topics & Participants

Coffee & Commentary 


Torah Readers 


Rabbi Eli Bercuson


 Howard Fogel, Ethan Green, Jared & Andrew Frenkel, Benjamin White 


Gary Weitz

Rabbi David Walk

Getting to Know You




Matt Shochet -The Mitzvah of Mezuzah


 Eli Neumann 

Seudat Shlishit

Dr. Scott Goldberg

Thanks to this week's sponsors...

Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packages

the Linda Beson Nursing Educational Fund

Chapel Kiddush

Rabbi Chezy Deren in honor of CAS Youth Programs and their wonderful staff

Sanctuary Kiddush

Phyllis and Martin Shapiro and family commemorating the 25th Yahrtzeit of Phyllis' mother Sylvia Schorr, who loved to cook, and in honor of Martin's birthday by Phyllis, Ari, Donny, Rony, Oren, and families

Seudat Shlishit

the Shul

Mazal Tov to...
  • Bob & Hillary Zitter, Nate & Julia on the birth of a granddaughter & new sister, born to Adam Zitter and Dr. Elana Koss.
  • Flossy & Sam Fischel, Penny & Stephen Block on being honored at the Westchester Hebrew High School 40th Anniversary Celebration
Weekday Schedule

Daf Yomi


7:45 am


7:00 am


Rosh Chodesh 



7:15/8:30 am

6:20 & 7:30 am 

 Mon,Tues, Thurs












Candles Friday


4:38 pm


CAS Annual Dinner

A Constellation of Inspiration  

Celebrating the Reflection of Lights in our Community 
Congregation Agudath Sholom Annual Dinner  
Sunday, March 18 - 24 Adar Dinner

 Chairs Elissa Klapper Aviva Maller 

Celebrate our Stars 

Bonding Mitchell Bell & Glenn Karow
Building Len Mark & Ron Avidan 
Enhancing Sylvia Plotkin & Julie Morgulis 
Enriching Gary Stone & Roz Mangot 
Leading & Learning Al Wolfsohn & Royce Wolfsohn 
Nurturing Diane Sloyer & Rebecca Sigman 
Praising Sandy Weiner & Elliot Neumann 
Renewing Yospa Lieberman & Shery Hertzberg 
Singing Daniel Kraus & Ziv Kraus 
Uplifting Gloria Green & Phyllis Shapiro 
Welcoming Sharon Wohlberg & Simeon Wohlberg 


Click here to learn more & sign up 


CAS Upcoming Events

B'nai Mitzvah Shabbat Dinner:  Feburary 3

For families with 2012 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!

Click to sign up for the Special Shabbat Dinner


SPONSORED BY CONGREGATION AGUDATH SHOLOM ISRAEL ADVOCACY PROJECT STANDING WITH ISRAEL? Guest Speaker: Victor Styrsky, Pastor/Author, Christians United For Israel Eastern Regional Coordinator

TOPICS:Why do Evangelicals support the nation of Israel? What is their "real" agenda? 

Bring all of your questions for Q & A session.

Please look for more information on this IAP-CAS event in the coming weeks!

Join Rabbi Daniel Cohen and the CAS Delegation at the AIPAC Policy Conference-March 4-6 in Washington D.C. 


CAS has reserved a limited amount of spots at a reduced rate of $299to the Policy Conference.  Delegates are responsible for flights and hotel arrangements, please go to  for hotel locations and more information.  Interested in joining? contact Rabbi Cohen at , Yudi Gross, Synagogue Coordinator at or Cindy Flynn, 203-358-2200.  




Be one of four teens to be selected for a free trip to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference, March 4-6 in Washington, DC. The trip will include registration, travel and hotel and the winners will join the Agudath Sholom AIPAC delegation. To be one of the four selected: Submit in a 500 word essay- "WHY DOES AIPAC NEED YOU?" If you could lobby to the members of Congress on Capitol Hill, what would you say? What case would you present about the issues affecting the United States and Israel? Essays will be evaluated by local and national panel of AIPAC supporters. Submit to Rabbi Cohen by Friday
Sunday, January 22 to Open to 10th-12th graders from CAS. Sponsored by Stephanie and Bob Sherman in memory of Stephanie's mother, Rosalie Aberman.


 Pre-AIPAC Policy Conference gathering on 

Wed eve, Feb. 8 at 7:30 PM at CAS with Yehuda Gross

Yudi Gross is AIPAC's Northeast Regional Synagogue Initiative Director. In this role, Yudi works with  synagogues throughout the Northeast providing them with the tools and resources needed to promote a deeper understanding of the U.S. -Israel relationship


CAS Adult Education

Our Adult Education Classes are underway!

See the complete schedule, by topic or day!

click -


Join Congregation Agudath Sholom  for our



Join us for a five class series on the five Megillot.  Each class will analyze one Megillah's religious themes, literary structures, philosophical elements and methodologies, as well as an overview and comparison of the books as a whole.  Ms. Miriam Krupka has taught Tanakh/Biblical Studies for six years at the Ramaz Upper School.  

Women and men are welcome to attend


Dates: February 22 and 29, and on March 14, 21 and 28 at 8 P.M. 

The charge for the five part series is $50 per person and $75 per couple.


Click to learn more and sign up 

CAS Youth Department



NEW! Age Specific Topic to Discuss at your Shabbat Table:

Grades 4-6

1)     Why didn't Moshe bring about the first three plagues?

2)     What was special about the plaque of Hail plaque?

3)     Whats a good trick to remember how many plaques are in this week's Parsha? *(Double nekudot  question!!)

Grades 1-3

4)     How many Makot are in this week's Parsha?

5)     Who caused the first three plaques to begin?

Come and get 2 nekudot (or 4 for the bonus question) from me this week, if you can tell me about your family discussion of any of these questions.



Thank you to the Dayan and Freedberg families for sponsoring last Saturday night's Shema Under the Stars, what an awesome event!!

Upcoming Teen Minyan date - Feb. 11th, visit the website for a full listing for the rest of the year and to sign up for laining or sponsoring a Kiddush.   Join us for Teen Breakfast and Round Table Chat at 9:15, followed by Teen Minyan starting at 9:45 with Barchu!


CALLING ALL WRITERS!  Are you interested in writing for our new CAS Teens Newsletter??  If so, please contact Josh at and outline what you'd like to write about!  The deadline to get involved and propose an article, trivia game, d'var Torah, or whatever other idea you have is Friday, January 20!  Our first publication with IY"H come out in the weeks before Purim!


We are still looking for sponsors and lainers.  You can now sign up to lain or sponsor a Kiddush online at



NEW!!!!!Sunday morning clubs continue this week at the CASYD! 

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for clubs and hope you enjoy your clubs.  Those of you, who would still like to join, please email me to see if we can still fit you in.





Click here to sign up for all Youth Events!


or click a link below


Check back often..and see our new testimonials section on our website    If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" in their honor, please email me at


Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Jeiger 
CAS Youth Department



 Shabbaton Schedule:

Friday night:  

Davening please drop off your child at 4:45 in the Chapel

Dvar torah in chapel by girls

Dinner 6:00


Ten plagues Charades, Board Games 7:00

Gaga Competition 7:30 

Pick up is at 8 pm


Shabbos day:

We start with breakfast at 8:30 am in the Social Hall

Davening (boys lead, girls d'vrei torah)

Kiddush 11:45

Name that Prop, boys vs. girls

Lunch 12:30

World Wide Trivia, jeopardy style 1:30

Scavenger Hunt 2:30

Steal the Salami 3:30

Many other fun activities, too many to list...

Pick up is at Mincha at 4:30 pm...should the weather be bad please feel free to leave your children in shul until the end of Shabbat.


Shabbaton D'vrei Torah/ Tefillah Leaders:

D'vrei Torah: 

Friday night: Naomi Listokin 

Friday night at dinner: Atara Ivri

Shabbat morning before laining: Maya Jubas, Rebecca Dayan, Rina Marlowe

Shabbat morning before anim zemiros: Leeba Zucker

Shabbat morning at lunch: Emily Seligson

Boys leading davening:  

Brachot: Josh Wohlberg

Rebbi Yishmael Omer: Noah Reicin

Mizmor Shir Chanukat habayit: Andrew Reicin

Baruch Sheamar: Jacob Sigman 

Hodu L'Hashem: Alexander Bein

Mizmor Shir l'yom hashabbat: PJ Jelen

Ashrei: Gilad Karsch, Avi Gordon

Halilukahs: Max Dayan

Az Yashir: Dean Bilenker

Ha'el Bizazumot: Gavriel Karsch

CAS Announcements
LET US KNOW! We strive at CAS to support our members in time of need.   If you know of someone is who is ill, please reach out to Rabbi Cohen via email or phone, alerting our clergy and Chesed committee to offer comfort and assistance. Together, we can insure CAS's role as a community of caring. Thank you very much!
CAS DECORUM  The policy for our kids is easy - "In shul or in groups."  Please help us maintain decorum.  Make sure you child is either sitting in synagogue or participating in our Youth Groups.  Make sure that your child enjoys Kiddush in the Simcha Room or Social Hall.
TRIP TO YESHIVA UNIVERSITY, SEFORIM SALE, Saturday night, February 11, more information to come!
Calling all Pre-Teen, Teens and even a few adults.  Join the Rabbi's Clean Dream Team to enhance the decorum and dignity of our shul on Shabbat morning - For more info or to sign up, email Rabbi Cohen at 
THE SISTERHOOD  is looking for someone to donate a working  laptop.  Please contact Dierdre in the office 

MAZAL TOV TO, Rabbi Daniel and Diane Cohen and Senator Joseph and Hadassah Lieberman who are being honored at the annual National Jewish Outreach Program Dinner on February 13th in New York. For more information,  Click here to sign up! .  If you would like to attend, please contact Rabbi Cohen

CAS Sisterhood News 

 Sisterhood Book Club

We are excited to announce 2 new books for reading with  our Book Club in 2012 

The first is : 

The second will be:
SUBMISSION  by Amy Waldman
(Reading in April) 

For more information contact Diane Cohen at
We will meet at Dinah Miller's home-154 Pepper Ridge #5

January 29 at 11:00 am 

Free for Sisterhood Members

$10 for Non Members $18 for Annual membership

Click here for info and to sign up! 

We hope you can join in the fun! 

Stamford Mikvah


Have you joined the Mayim League yet?


During this season of light and rededication, take a moment and support our community's Minnie Manger Marcia Lieberman Mikvah by joining the Mayim League 2011-12.  With your dedication and support, the mikvah will be a source of renewal and rejuvenation to sustain and enrich our community.


Please consider one of the following annual categories of support:

Bronze $250 | Silver $500* | Gold $1,000* | Platinum $1,800*

* Donations of $500 and above include immersion for the year for yourself or for a designated person.


To donate, click here!


Appointments at the women's mikvah can be scheduled by contacting  Shery at  or 203-964-1928, at least 24 hours in advance. 



Community Announcements

FORTIES, FIFTIES & FOOTBALL-Sunday, February 5, 4-6 pm.  Jewish singles will gather for a Super Bowl tailgate party at Butterfield 8 Lounge in Stamford. The gathering will include hors d'oeuvres, appetizer buffet and kosher appetizers upon request.  The event will be subsidized - cost $18 per person if purchased before Friday, February 3. $25 per person at the door. Contact Leah Schechter, JFS Singles Outreach Coordinator at LSchechter@ctjfs.orgor 203-921-4161or info:

JEWISH TWENTIES AND THIRTIES (JTT) - Thursdays beginning January 12, 6- 6:50 pm at Stamford JCC, 1035 Newfield Avenue. Join local rabbis, educators and community leaders for a discussion of the weekly Torah portion and enjoy dinner from Café Stam at Taste and Torah. Stamford Bureau of Jewish Education program funded and in collaboration with Jewish Twenties and Thirties (JTT), a JFS program. Open to the entire community. $8/class, includes dinner from Café Stam.   RSVP to Leah Schechter at or Elisse Passy at

VETERAN'S SUPPORT GROUP- beginning  January 2012.  Topics: transitioning back into civilian life, re-building relationships and overcoming post traumatic stress disorder. Info:   contact Melanie Rago at 631-355-1120 or

"FINDING YOUR FOCUS" -- PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS DIAGNOSED WITH ADD/ADHD.   Wednesday Afternoons.   Services include psychiatric evaluation and review, family assessment, support, and medication management. Treatment by Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D. and qualifies for insurance reimbursement. Info:  Eve Moskowitz, at 203-921-4161 or

BCDS FAMILY TRIP TO ISRAEL-FEBRUARY 11-24 . E-mail Bob Abrams if you might be interested

HAVDALAH & HOOPS STARTS JANUARY 21 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament  by the JCC & the Stamford Board of Rabbis. Saturday, January 21 - 6:30 p.m. Fathers & sons (grades 6 - 12) will split into 2 divisions if needed. Fee: $18 per participant, includes food & t-shirt. Trophies to the winners. Rosters must have 4 players, 3 players play at a time. Info: Mo Concepcion - 203.487.0971 or

CHALLENGES IN JEWISH  EDUCATION PANEL featuring Nora Anderson, Dr. Scott Goldberg, Director, and Jackie Herman.  Shabbat, January 20-21. Young Israel of Stamford. Oneg Shabbat program at 8:15pm on Friday night, Education in the 21st Century: Tradition, Technology and Temperament. Panel Discussion at 11am following Saturday morning services, Building Jewish Character in the Classroom and Beyond. FREE and open to the entire community.

WESTCHESTER HEBREW HS 40th ANNIVERSARY Honorees : Parents of the Year: Penny and Stephen Block, Dr. Barbara Coven, and the Fischels as Alumni Family of the Year:  Flossy and Sam Fischel, Ari ('94), Leah ('97), Dr. Jason ('99).  Sunday, January 22, 5 pm at Temple Beth El, Stamford. To sign up or donate ANNUALDINNER@WHHSNY.ORG 856 ORIENTA AVENUE, MAMARONECK, NY 10583 TEL: 914-698-0806

UJF BUREAU OF JEWISH EDUCATION first annual community read/ intergenerational discussion of Holocaust-related issues leading up to Holocaust Remembrance Day. A Lucky Child, a memoir by a child Auschwitz survivor.  Commmunity-wide book discussions will be held in March. Info about the book:  To find out how to participate - Elise Passy at

NEW, Sundays 5-6 PM at the JCC Stamford Young Ambassadors to Israel with Danielle and Guests. This class will prepare YOU to become Israel advocates and to activate the Jewish community in response to the growing anti-Israel discourse. The class enables you to understand the complexities of the Arab-Israel conflict through critical thinking, historical accuracy, moral decision-making, and activism.  For more information about Kulanu contact, Danielle Alexander, at 203-321-1373 x 104 or or visit the Kulanu website



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