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Friday, January 16, 2015

Congregation Agudath Sholom Shabbat Bulletin

Congregation Agudath Sholom
Shabbat Bulletin


January 17, 2015

26 Tevet 5775

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Mincha4:38 PM
Candles4:33 PM
Shacharit8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Coffee & Commentary8:45 AM
Latest Shema9:40 AM
Latest Shacharit10:28 AM
Tot Shabbat10:30 AM
Mini Minyan10:30 AM
Jr Cong/BMC/Jr Teen Chat10:30 AM
Shiur10:30 AM
Daf Yomi3:40 PM
Code Of Jewish Law3:40 PM
Daily Rambam4:10 PM
Mincha4:30 PM
Maariv5:30 PM
Shabbat Ends5:35 PM

Shabbat Shalom

We are Charlie. We are Jewish. We are one of the millions in the streets of Paris. Expressions of solidarity abound - after the tragic events. We empathize deeply, mourn, and pledge to grow from the experience. We hear the wakeup call : to continue the fight against radical Islam, to consider the need of European Jewry to make aliyah, to spread democracy the right to free speech, and to become more vigilant for the security of Jewish communities.

Yet, I wonder: how long will the impact of these events last? Will we really answer this wake-up call?

I am reminded of a message from the Torah portion of Veera. According to the Midrash, as the Jews are getting ready to leave Egypt while still enslaved, G-d instructs Moses to teach the Jews about freedom for servants- the mitzvah of shiluach avadim. Why at that exact time? The Torah has not yet been given. Why preempt Sinai with this commandment?

Rabbi Chaim Shmulewitz's insight reveals much about human nature. The Jews received the commandment precisely while they still experienced the anguish of personal slavery. Only while the Jews were enslaved could they fully appreciate the commandment to free slaves. That moment in their lives is the time to commit to an action ensuring they never forget the plight of a slave.

This is our moment. What will we do? Will we urge those nations who gathered in Paris to march to stay resolute? Will we continue focus on our role in this historic drama? Will we remember those who died for the sake of G-d?

In this spirit, our shul will host a shloshim event in memory of Yohan Cohen, Yoav Hattab, Fran├žois-Michel Saada and Phillipe Braham who were murdered in the supermarket in Paris. The event will beon Tuesday, February 10, at 7:30 PM. It is co-sponsored by our local United Jewish Federation, Stamford JCC and other communal organizations. I also encourage you to join us in Washington DC for our AIPAC delegation. Our voices must be heard.

May Hashem grant the families comfort and strength. May we and the world remain resolute in ensuring "never again."

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Daniel Cohen 
  • Follow Rabbi Cohen on his You Tube Channel - click here to view
  • Welcome Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein as our Bnai Mitzvah and Community Scholar in Residence this Shabbat. He will speak to the Bnai Mitzvah families Friday night and Shabbat lunch, deliver the Shabbat morning Shiur, and speak at Seudat Shlishit.Rabbi Grunstein is the Director of Training and Placement-Straus/Beren Amiel Institute of Ohr-Torah Stone in Israel
  • AIPAC: We are closing in on our goal of 100 members of our delegation.  For more information about joining us at the three most important days for the American Israel relationship, please visit or contact Rabbi Cohen or Veronica Reich.
  • Check out the latest RCA Ted Talk The Voice of Father by Rabbi Zvi Engel. click here to watch
  • Enjoy the Cholent Challenge Next Shabbat following davening the sanctuary. Featuring the battle of the cholent with Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Walk, Chazan Bokow and a mysterious guest.
  • Kosher Alert Socafe Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate cups are certified by the Orthodox Union as OU-D products. A small quantity of packaging was mistakenly labeled with a plain OU, without the D - Dairy designation. Corrective measures have been implemented.
Weekday Schedule
Candles Next Friday4:41 PM
Daf YomiSunday 7:45 am, Monday-Friday 7:00 am
ShacharitSunday: 7:15 AM/8:30 AM, Monday: 7:00 AM/8:30 AM, Tuesday: 6:30 AM/7:30 AM, Wednesday: 6:20 AM/7:30 AM, Thursday-Friday: 6:30 AM/7:30 AM
MinchaSunday-Thursday: 4:40 PM
MondayM L King Day
WednesdayRosh Chodesh Shvat
Mazal Tov
  • to Dr. Sarah Gottfried upon her engagement to Josh Steinberg.
  • to Harley & Steve Osman on the bat mitzvah of their granddaughter, Maia Handwerker, daughter of Jamie & Haim Handwerker
  • to Rosalyn and Alan Ziskin on becoming Great-grand parents.
  • to Paula Snyder on her engagement to David Giver
  • to Jessica & Adam Batkin on the birth of a new daughter, Gila Bracha
  • to Penny Block on the passing of her mother, Felice Lesser
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Shabbat Shalom Hospital Packagesthe Linda Beson Nursing Education Fund
Chapel KiddushAna and Albert Lilienfeld to commemorate the yahrzeit of Albert's father, Jacob Lilienfeld and to honor Dovi Zucker on his birthday
Sanctuary KiddushCAS Board of Directors in honor of Rabbi Jeiger
Shabbat Topics & Participants
Shacharit/MusafCantor Rafael Bokow
SermonRabbi Daniel Cohen: Idly By: Egypt, Germany and Today
ShiurRabbi Yeshoshua Grunstein: Living as IF
Torah ReadersGil Orbach
UsherRoz Mangot
Daf YomiMark Wagshul
Seudat ShlishitRabbi Yeshoshua Grunstein: Putting Education on the Agenda
Sign Up For These Events

Click on one of these upcoming events!

CAS Bar / Bat Mitzvah Dinner and Lunch - January 16  Friday, January 16 - 5:30 PM

CAS Bar / Bat Mitzvah Dinner and Lunch - January 16

Special Shabbat for sixth grade girls, seventh grade boys and their families
Shabbat Dinner for families, Friday Night 4:33pm with Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Bokow, and guest speaker Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein
Shabbat Lunch for bar / bat mitzvah kids, Saturday 12:30 at Rabbi Cohen's house
Deadline for sign-up - January 13

CAS Youth Panoply Fundraiser - January 17  Saturday, January 17 - 7:00 PM

CAS Youth Panoply Fundraiser - January 17

Youth Fundraiser - For Adults of all Ages
Game and Auction Night Out Save the date for a fun night of Panopoly with a HUGE grand prize and amazing items up for auction.
Reserve your babysitters now this is a night out that no one will want to miss!

CAS Youth 2015 Bar / Bat Mitzvah Classes  Sunday, January 18 - 9:30 AM

CAS Youth 2015 Bar / Bat Mitzvah Classes

Class for boys becoming Bar Mitzvah, led by Rabbi Daniel Cohen & girls becoming Bat Mitzvah, led by Diane Cohen

Teenage Shmooze  Thursday, January 22 - 7:00 PM

Teenage Shmooze

Get ready to Soosh and Shmooze!
How do you feel about free sushi?
What about friends?
What about a chance to have real discussions about what it means to be Jewish?
Run for you. Run by you.
This program is being sponsored by NCSY 

CAS Family Trip to Israel  Sunday, January 25 - 9:30 AM

CAS Family Trip to Israel

Explore the breadth and depth of the land. Great for first timers or veterans. The trip is uniquely tailored for adults with their children and grandchildren filled with history coming alive and a fostering a love of the natural beauty of our homeland.

Special Security Meeting  Wednesday, February 4 - 7:30 PM

Special Security Meeting

Special Meeting to discuss and vote on CAS Security Measures.
Details of the meeting and a proxy voting form are on-line.

CAS Youth PJ Movie Night - February 14  Saturday, February 14 - 6:30 PM

CAS Youth PJ Movie Night - February 14

Children in Grades K-4 are invited to a

CAS Book Breakfast with Rabbi Herbert Cohen February 22  Sunday, February 22 - 9:30 AM

CAS Book Breakfast with Rabbi Herbert Cohen February 22

Book Breakfast with Rabbi Herbert Cohen
Celebrating book launch of his new book - Kosher Movies: A Film Critic Discovers Life Lessons at the Cinema.

CAS Adult Education - Mysteries of the Beit Hamikdash - February 24  Tuesday, February 24 - 7:30 PM

CAS Adult Education - Mysteries of the Beit Hamikdash - February 24

What happened to the Lost Ark?
What music did they play in the Temple?
Explore these and other mysteries of the Beit Hamikdash
Steven Frankel, Education Director, Temple Institute in Jerusalem  

CAS Youth Junior Cong Shabbaton February 27 -  Friday, February 27 - 5:00 PM

CAS Youth Junior Cong Shabbaton February 27 -

Come join Rabbi Jeiger, Josh and the entire Junior Congregation crew as they take over CAS in conjunction with the YOUTH SHABBAT, for our Fourth annual Junior Congregation Shabbaton!!

CAS Rabbi Ehrenkranz Lecture with Rabbi Blech - March 18  Wednesday, March 18 - 7:30 PM

CAS Rabbi Ehrenkranz Lecture with Rabbi Blech - March 18

In memory of our esteemed Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz, of blessed memory, on the occasion of his first Yahrzeit:
Rabbi Benjamin Blech
internationally recognized educator, religious leader, author, and lecturer.
Understanding the Kaddish: How To Change The World 

CAS Annual Dinner - March 22  Sunday, March 22 - 5:00 PM

CAS Annual Dinner - March 22

Celebrate our 125th anniversary!
Guests of Honor: Helene & Harvey Kaminski
Chai Award: Judith Altmann
Community Service: Mimi & Saul Cohen
Young Leadership: Laura & Seth Tobin

Important Note
Notice of Special Meeting for Members of Congregation Agudath Sholom 
Purpose: Review security needs of the synagogue and vote on instituting an additional membership security fee. 
Date and Time: February 4, 2015, 7:30 p.m. 
The sole purpose of this Special Meeting will be to discuss security at our synagogue and to vote upon instituting a security fee. If you cannot attend the Special Meeting in person, you may vote by proxy (either on-line or email). To avoid any potential invalidation of an improper proxy, please use the official proxy ballot on our website and return it to the synagogue office by noon, February 4th. At the meeting, we will review the following four options
  1. A paid armed guard present on Shabbat and Holidays-cost $150 per member family per year, payable March 1 
  2. A paid unarmed guard present on Shabbat and Holidays-cost $100 per member family per year, payable March 1 
  3. A volunteer program consisting of 20 CAS members (who will receive training by CSS, an organization specializing in security training).- cost one-time $25 per member family per year, payable March 1 plus volunteers to staff 
  4. Implement the plan as approved by the CAS Board to improve security systems-NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE MEMBERSHIP. 
Please Note: Only Members in Good Standing are eligible to vote. Please contact Saul Skolnick if you have concerns about your membership status. 
Upcoming Events

Thanks to the sponsors & supporters of PANOPLY...
our CAS Youth Fundraiser on January 17!

We're looking forward to a fun evening!

Special Thanks to: our event chairs Irit Tratt & Stephanie Friedman, their committee, and Rabbi Jeiger!


Rabbi Daniel & Diane Cohen
Rachel & Nimrod Dayan
Dan & Rachel Haron
Len & Susan Mark
Maria & Glenn Reicin
Lillian & Sandy Shapiro
Irit & Jonathan Tratt
Rivka & David Walk


Adrienne & Michael Alexander
Jocelyn & Ron Avidan
Sharyn & Fred Baer
Daniella & Mitchell Balsam
Janet & Andrew Bein
Debbie & Michael Berg
Dina & Paul Berger
Darona & Tzvi Bernstein
Heidi & Evan Bernstein
Jodi & Richard Boxer
David & Jessie Brand
Anat & Marc Chavkin
Elise & Steven Cohen
Meredith & David Cohen
Rachel & Ephraim Cohen
Stella & Isaac Cohen
Ziona & Elie Doft
Lynne & Steven Frenkel
Stephanie & Perry Friedman
Rachel & Todd Garber
Michelle & Howland Gordon
Kayla & Leon Hanna
Alice & Jason Janush
Rabbi Yehuda & Danielle Jeiger
Judith & David Jelen
Rachel & Jay Jubas
Rebekah Kanefsky
Josh & Abigail Kurtz
Jackie Liesman
Ana & Albert Lilienfeld
Lisa & Ilya Loeffler-Kaplan
Dinah & Seth Marlowe
Rachel & Samuel Maryles
Kori & Bill Meyers
Leah & Gregory Miller
Marguerite & Ken Neuhaus
Becky Neumeier
Jessica & Eliaz Niedober
Irene & Mike Okun
Maureen & Jonathan Pollack
Veronica & Erwin Reich
Maria & Glenn Reicin
Claudia & Howard Rimerman
Diane & Matthew Samelson
Cori Sanogueira & Adam Farstrup
Toby Schaffer
Ilyse & Dean Schuckman
Rachel Seligson
Daniel & Marti Sichel
Ronnie & Steve Sichel
Rebecca & Eric Sigman
Sherry & Marc Silver
Talia & Jonathan Siscovick
Diane & Elliot Sloyer
Miriam & Josh Sperber
Liba & Steven Steinmetz
Danielle & Steven Thau
Laura & Seth Tobin
Danielle & Robbie Tomczyk
Sandi & Stuart Waldstreicher
Danny & Margo Warum
Sharon & Simeon Wohlberg
Navah & David Zizmor
Shira & Mitchell Zucker

CAS Women's Tefilah Group

Shabbat - January 24 -Parshat Bo

Please join us for the next Women's Tefilah Group on Saturday, January 24

Please let Ziona Doft know if you are interested in layning, chanting the haftorah or leading part of the service.

CAS Classes
Week of January 18
SundayDaily Rambam - 8:15 AM
Rabbi Walk: Bible from the Beginning - 9:15 AM
MondayDaily Rambam - 7:15 AM
Rabbi Walk: Dvar Yom BYomo - Timely Topics (held at BCDS) - 12:15 PM
Rabbi Walk: Mishna Brura: Laws of Prayer - 7:30 PM
TuesdayDaily Rambam - 7:15 AM
Rabbi Walk: The Evolution of the American Synagogue: A History of How Jewish Communities Developed in the United States - 7:30 PM
WednesdayDaily Rambam - 7:15 AM
ThursdayDaily Rambam - 7:15 AM
Rabbi Walk: Talmud Bavli - Masechet Megilla - 7:30 PM
FridayDaily Rambam - 7:15 AM
Rabbi Cohen: The Pre-Shabbos Torah Taste - 8:15 AM
Yasher Koach
  • to Sara Poland for organzing the book drive. We collected over 400 books for REad to Grow!
CAS Announcements
  • YOUNG COUPLES EVENT - SAVE THE DATE - FEBRUARY 14 for a special Shabbat event
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING We need you to help secure our Synagogue. As you come to the building, please be aware of your surroundings. If you see something out of the ordinary, please let someone know about it. This will keep everyone safe.
  • WELCOME TO OUR SYNAGOGUE PROGRAM Every Shabbat we station ushers at the doors in the sanctuary to welcome people, assist them and enhance the service. We are expanding the usher roles to include a greeter in the lobby from 9-10:30 am. Please join the usher team. We need you and your smile. Info: Mitchell Bell.
  • CAS FREE MEZUZAH CAMPAIGN IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT Bringing Blessings to Jewish Homes. Do you know a neighbor or a friend who lacks a mezuzah? CAS offers a free mezuzah and home visit to post this sacred scroll at the entrance to all Jewish homes in the area. For more info, contact Rabbi Cohen:
  • COMMUNITY CHESED HELPERS An important role of the Chesed committee is outreach to the Shul's elderly and homebound, who are often isolated and lack a lifeline to our synagogue. Volunteer to reach out and identify needs, visit, or give a ride. Even small gestures mean a great deal Interested? Vivian Weiss at 203-323-0909 or If you are aware of elderly or homebound members in need of outreach, please notify Rabbi Cohen.
  • NEW TO STAMFORD AND INTERESTED IN MEMBERSHIP? Contact Saul Skolnick, Jessie Brand ( or Rabbi Daniel Cohen.
  • WE WANT YOU FOR BINGO! Players needed. Join in on the fun we have every week at 6:00 PM -
Community Announcements
  • NCSY WINTER REGIONAL Join Jewish teens from all across New England for a weekend like you've never experienced before! February 5-8, 2015 will feature: Luxury accomodations at the Hampton Inn in Natick, MA,Inspiring Shabbat including DELICIOUS food, Winter Sports at Ski Ward on Friday, and Israel Advocacy training by Daniel Mael. Open to all Jewish teens in New England, grades 9-12! Cost: $229. Info:
  • DO A MITZVAH! CONSIDER SUPPORTING THE JFS KOSHER FOOD PANTRY BY PURCHASING MITZVAH BASKETS AND/OR MITZVAH CENTERPIECES INSTEAD OF FLOWERS FOR YOUR NEXT SIMCHA AT CAS. DISTRIBUTIONS FROM THE JFS KOSHER FOOD PANTRY HAVE INCREASED BY MORE THAN 1000 since the recession. With this tremendous upsurge in use, JFS is constantly challenged to keep the food pantry full. Your generosity enables JFS to help those in our community in their greatest moments of need.
  • SOY SEFORIM SALE IS FROM FEBRUARY 1 TO MARCH 1 The largest Jewish book sale in in the world. For more info, visit or contact Rabbi Cohen.
  • SOOSH YOU COULDN'T SCORE TICKETS TO ATTEND THE SUPER BOWL? The next best thing is ordering delicious game day food for a football feast in the comfort of your own home! Call Soosh- (203) 656 7505 - to inquire about deluxe Super Bowl packages including sushi, sashimi, udon noodles and much more! Better yet, stop by to chat with our chefs for a custom package! We are located in the Crowne Plaza hotel at 2701 Summer street in Stamford. See you soon at Soosh!
  • UJF SUPER SUNDAY FEBRUARY 1ST 2015 Volunteer: Come join hundreds of participants as we raise money for the Stamford Jewish Community and Jewish people worldwide Half Time Show: What's the best part of the superbowl? The commercials! We will be viewing the entries of our UJF Agency Commercial Contest. Find out who wins! Teen Programming: Come hang out with your friends, nosh on some pizza and help raise Tzedakah Children's Programming: Mitzvah Day events including Tzedakah Coin Project, PJ Library, Face Painting, Clowns, Popcorn and More!
  • FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS IN HEBREW TO FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN BETWEEN THE AGES 2-8 The goal of Sifriyat Pijama B'America is to enhance knowledge and affinity for Jewish values from a young age and to retain a strong Jewish identity and appreciation of Hebrew. SP-BA provides an opportunity for families to create a tradition of reading bedtime stories in Hebrew and engaging in meaningful conversations. Info:
  • LINKING GENERATIONS OF THE SHOAH-Our 2nd Generation Group began in July 2012. We are a group of approximately fifty members ranging in age from 40 and up and we come from all over CT and Westchester County. Our monthly meetings take place in Westport, CT (usually at the UJA offices) every second Tuesday of the month. Spouses of 2G members as well as 3rd Generation often attend our general meetings. Please come and join us. For further contact information call: Ann Cohn at 203-762-0058 (home) or 203-984-6667 (cell).
  • SAVE THE DATE - THE NATIONAL YIDDISH THEATRE - FOLKSBIENE PRESENTS FROM ROSENFELD TO ROBESON MARCH 19, 2015 AT TEMPLE BETH EL, STAMFORD Starring Elmore James and Zalmen Mlotek. Just back from its debut at the Singer festival in Warsaw, Poland, Broadway and international opera star, Elmore James and Zalmen Mlotek, Artistic Director of the National Yiddish Theatre - Folksbiene take you on a musical journey through the repertoire of Paul Robeson, the great African American singer, actor and civil rights activist. Together, they explore the pathos inherent in love ballads, songs of the sweatshop and slavery, melodies of spirituality, protest and hope. This new concert breathes fresh life into its interpretations of classics Yiddish songs, songs of revolutionary poets, Holocaust era partisans and Broadway favorites.
  • YOUR FAMILIES CAN GET 40-60 PERCENT OFF JEWISH CAMP! BunkConnect offers families the opportunity to access40-60 percent off at over 75 of the top Jewish overnight camps this summer! Jewish camp makes stronger Jewish communities and develops a deeper engagement for each child - talk about a win-win! Details:
  • RABBI YAKOV HOROWITZ TO SPEAK AT THIS YEAR'S CHEVRA KADISHA EVENT; DINNER TO BE DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF RABBI JOSEPH EHRENKRANZ Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, the founder and dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam, and founder and Director of Project Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment Services), will be this year's featured speaker at the annual Chevra Kadisha Dinner, to be held at Congregation Agudath Sholom on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 6PM. His topic will be "Living a More Inspired Life: How to Create a Kiddush Hashem Every Day." The cost of attending the dinner is $36 a person. Sponsorships are also available at $180, which entitles one to two dinner reservations and can be made in memory of a loved one. Info and signup: Rica Lieberman at
We Wish A Speedy Recovery To
  • Abraham ben Miriam Rachel
  • Aharon Tzvi ben Sarah
  • Ami ben Sara
  • Avraham Shmuel ben Sheyna
  • Bela Devora bat Rachel
  • Chaim Avram ben Leah
  • Chaim Yechiel ben Malka
  • Chana Liba bat Yaakova
  • Chana bat Shulamit
  • Chaya Priva bat Leah
  • Chaya Sarah Tzipporah bat Esther
  • David ben Chaya
  • Dinah bat Esther
  • Eitan ben Sarah
  • Eliahu Aharon ben Yocheved Irta Etel
  • Esther Rachel Bat Chava bat Chava
  • Hadassah Esther bat Bat Chava Leah
  • Hennia bat Musah
  • Leah bat Bayla
  • Maya bat Shoshy
  • Moshe Baruch ben Chaya Sara
  • Moshe ben Ben Marcelle
  • Naomi Devorah bat Mindel
  • Nira bat Rachel
  • Rayna bat Necha
  • Refael Ephraim ben Sima
  • Sarah Rivka bat Channah Rachel
  • Sarah bat Etta Ziesel
  • Shmuel Yeruchim ben Beyla
  • Smadar Rut bat Chana
  • Yochanan ben Alisa
  • Yosef Fishel ben Miriam Zlata
  • Zahava bat Chaya Sara
  • Ze'ev Mordechai ben Chaya Gittel
Sisterhood Gift Shop

SYLVIA'S CAS SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP Wednesday 2-4 PM & Thursday 12-2pm, 

CAS Youth
Thank You/ Hakarat Hatov/ Welcome Corner

Thank you to all of the volunteers on the Youth Committee and especially Irit and Stephanie, our amazing chairs, for spending so much time and efforts to ensure a fabulous time tonight!

Thank you to the over 130 people who signed up and supported our program tonight- We cannot do it without you!

This weekend....

Join the entire Youth Department for Adon Olam this Shabbat at the upstairs Minyan!!!

-Mishna and Hot Cocoa by the elevator at 10:15 with Rabbi Jeiger (we will continue in chapter 2 of Brachot).

-Tot Shabbat will be led by Morahs Irene, Danielle and Simone in the Youth Classroom at 10:30 am.

- Mini Minyan will be led by Morahs Debbie, Rivka and Devorah this week in the library at 10:30 am.

- Jr. Cong. will be led by Josh and Morah Carly this week in the Chapel at 10:30 am

-Bnai Mitzvah Club will be led by Yaakov Walk this week in the Social Hall at 10:30 am

-Jr. Teen Chat will be led by R Jeiger by the elevator at 10:30 am.

Full Teen Minyan Schedule:

Feb. 21 and 28

March 7 and 28

May 2, 25 and 30

June 13

Coming Soon:

February 14th - Movie in PJS -Join us at 6:45-9 pm in your PJS! Movie/ snacks and ice cream!!! (Grades k-4).


February 27-28 - Jr. Congregation Shabbaton - Save the date for info to follow...


Coming Soon - SOOSH NIGHT OUT for BMC (grades 5-6)

If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" or a Mishna and Hot Cocoa in their honor, please email me at

If you would like to help support the Youth Department, please visit for all of our sponsorship opportunities.

Shabbat Shalom! Rabbi Jeiger

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